bayur tree-Pterospermum acerifolia

maspirasjr(zone 8)July 2, 2005

Here's a beautiful tropical tree those in south Florida might enjoy growing: Pterospermum acerifolia. Also called bayur, this is a large ornamental tree from southern India, Thailand, Myanmar(Burma) and Java that is also called the 'dinner plate tree' owing to the huge, almost circular shape of its leaves. The attractive velvety leaves are also snow white underneath and when emergent.

A young seedling I'm growing (note the white newl emergent leaf):

The mature tree in the tropics:



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Gee, I have six little seedlings too. I wonder where I got them from?

Marcelo, one of these days when I get back to Balboa Park with my camera, I'll take of pic of this tree growing there. It's about the size of the one you posted.


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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

Fouquieria: Balboa park is next to the San Diego Zoo? I just have visited the zoo, but never this park is next to it; will visit it this summer.

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maspirasjr(zone 8)

LOL, Ron. Glad to to hear your seedlings are thriving. You definitely have a more amenable climate for them than I do over here!


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Marcelo, I can't see your photo of the seedling as it has been removed. If you're still on the board, would you hop across to the 'Name that plant' forum for my posting, as I'm almost certain that the seedling/seeds shown in my photos are not pterospermum. (See link below).

Here is a link that might be useful: My message in Name That Plant forum

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