No Mai Tun Lychee

jacob13March 6, 2011

Hello Friends,

I was hoping to get some advice. I have an opportunity to purchase a "No Mai Tun" Lychee tree but don't know anything about them. Does anyone have any experience with them or have any information about growth habit, fruit taste, hardiness etc..... It's going to be the "No Mai Tun" or a "Kaimana". Any thoughts?



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I remember someone mentioned the "No Mai Tun" but I don't recall anyone haveing experience growing it or tasting the fruit. I've heard lots of good things about kaimana. I have a small Kaimana growing indoors right now but I've never tasted the fruit.

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Yea, I too have heard lots of good things about the "Kaimana". I will probably go with that one unless I hear something otherwise from someone. Plus Harry said it's one of his favorites and that it's an "Excellent Excellent Lychee" - That's good enough for me!

- Jacob

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I have never heard of it. Doing some internet searching, I find it most associated with Top....where I assume you are getting it. Regardless of who you are getting it from, I would be rather hesitant. Where would they be getting such a rare variety?? USDA germplasm I would presume. I did not do a search of their accessions. I would wonder if this isn't No Mai Tze and a misspelling occurred. Not that having a No Mai Tze would be a bad thing if you could get it going. I have tried on a couple of occasions and they all died for me. It is supposed to be one of the best tasting lychees there is. I do see a listing for the two next to each other in the famous ancient Dr. Groff book. (See link below aat page 143) They list No Mai Te as "Glutinous Rice.' They list No Mai T"un as "Glutinous Rice Ball." So all in all and depending on where you are thinking of buying from......knowing what I have in Kaimana.....I would encourage you to get Kaimana and at least you know you'll be getting somethng that will grow and produce and which will definitely make you happy with flavor and size. Just my thoughts.


Here is a link that might be useful: Groff's Lychee aand Lungan

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they got it from Pine Island. PI had some obscure lychee varieties including san chi, tukhmia, no mai tun, and Groff which i picked up, I assume because of similar unique spelling they received them from the USDA, the only collection which I know carries all the varieties they had

heres a link to a post where I link to a previous post of mine explaining everything

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hello Friends,

Harry - Thank you for your advice, it is always welcome and appreciated. With that said, I think I will go with the Kaimana as I trust your judgement. Actually, the "No Mai Tun" is from Mickey at Plantogram, who may have got it from Top. On Any account, I just don't know enough to feel safe. I would love a "No Mai Tsze", I just don't know where to find one. Thanks again for the Heads Up!

Mango Kush - Thanks for the Info, at least now I know that It is a true variety, although the information is very limited.



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You cold always do what I would do and get both... I have also been looking for No mai Tsze for a while now. I had found one nursery out in CA with them but I was not totally confident that they were actually selling true No mai tsze so I passed on it.

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