Jasmine questions....

donnamarienjJuly 10, 2010

Hi, everyone, I have a few questions about a jasmine I am growing.

First off, I am in zone 6 and I purchased this jasmine several years ago. Never thinking it would live past the winter (most of my tropicals don't), I kept it inside year round. Much to my delight, this one survived, and bloomed periodically, but wasnÂt the happiest camper. Nevertheless, I kept it alive and blooming. I am not an "avid" tropical grower, IÂm not even a beginner. The plant received no special attention than my other indoor house plants.

To make a long story short, for the first time (and I donÂt know whatever possessed me to do this), I brought the plant outside this spring, pruned it back (because it looked like, at long last, I was going to lose it). I thought "what the heck," pruned it back, and put it outside. I didnÂt know what I was doing.

OMG! It was gorgeous!!!!! It was so happy!!!! It must have been the heat, light and humidity, but it was covered in blooms. I was thrilled. My neighbors accused me of buying a new plant, that it "couldnÂt be" the one in my kitchen window for so many years.

But, then I thought.... WhatÂs going to happen to it when I bring it inside? Will it go into shock? I want to put it in the same spot as before (a huge picture window). IÂve never kept a tropical this long and donÂt want to kill it now.... :(

Another thing I noticed, and this is important..... The plant and pot are absolutely covered with ants. While this is ok now, in October, when I bring the plant inside my kitchen, I certainly do not want any ants on the plant or in the soil. So my second question is HOW DO I GET RID OF ALL OF THE ANTS ON THIS PLANT? I can soak the container, but canÂt ants live underwater? And since the ants are almost the same color of the soil, IÂll never see them if they just hang out on top of the soil.

My other plants that I bring back inside (laurel, rosemary, sage) have never had a problem with ants. Peonies are like that - you pick a bloom and then find a gazillion ants running around the bloom and stem.

Can someone point me in the right direction to answer my questions? Please?


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Your plant will shock and look kind of crappy inside over the winter but just prune it and put it back outside next spring.

To get rid of the ants I'd completely submerge the pot under water and leave it overnight. I'd do this a few days before you plan on bringing it inside. I'm sure there's also some type of insecticide that you can use if you are afraid the soaking won't work. Ask at a local nursery. Are you sure your plant isn't infested with aphids or mealy bugs? I ask because ants on the plant can be an indication of an infestation. Not like peonies where they are after the nectar that the buds produce. Ants will actualy "farm" some types of insects and eat the honey dew they produce.

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Actually, I'm not certain about the aphids/mealybugs, because i DO have them on my tomato plants. I just ordered ladybugs which always help. I'll sprinkle a few ladybugs on the jasmine, just in case.

When should I prune - before I bring it inside, after, or just before putting it outside in the spring?

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I use beneficial insect controls also. You might already know this since you use ladybugs but they should be released onto the affected plants around dusk. That way they are less inclined to fly away.

If your jasmine needs to be pruned to get it inside you can do it in the fall or just wait until spring. Do you know what variety jasmine you have?

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Not really. If I can find a pic, I'll let you know. I never expected it to last past the summer that I purchased it.

Let me look on google. Do they all look alike - meaning will I have a hard time finding what I have by looking at pics?

Thanks for your help.

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I believe it is called a "Maid of Orleans" which I found online. At least that is what it looks like.

Does this help??? I hope! :)

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Sambac? It looks like that, as well. Obviously, I don't know anything about Jasmine. Sorry, but I hope I helped you....

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There's lots of different jasmines. That's a nice one, very fragrant. Since you were able to keep it alive all this time just do whatever you were doing over the winter in previous years and put it back outside when it warms up.

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Thank you so much!

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