Scale abatement?

gnappiMarch 30, 2012

I've about had it with scale on my guava and sapodilla trees, until Last week. I tried something not poisonous, herbal or harmful in anyway and am going to continue my treatments weekly to rid myself of it.

What I found out that plain water from the garden hose delivered by one of those brass $5.00 high pressure water nozzles while supporting the branch tip with my hand blows the scale off easily while not hurting the leaves or branch. It also cleans off the sticky goo.

I don't plan on spraying with neem and detergent anymore.

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how big are your trees? i'd imagine a larger tree would be hard to get at every single branch and twig.

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None of my trees are larger than 10' tall, but considering I can keep the scale off from there down it's worth it. As they grow, I'll likely leave the tops to the scale.

I'm also not looking to get EVERY branch and twig just enough to keep a supply of fruit on as the scale has kept some from flowering.

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