How much sun for dwarf BOP to bloom?

Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)July 24, 2012

I normally like to take my advice from local people with lots of experience, but so far, it's not helping with this one. I asked a local nurseryman whether I needed to move this one out into full sun and he said that as long as it got strong morning sun, it should bloom. That and the fact that all of the real nurseries around here sell them indoors made me think I just needed to be patient.

This year, we've had good rainfall and I've watered it in between rainy spells and it is much more lush, with way more growth, but no flowers. I've had this plant three or four years. What are the details on how these plants bloom?

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partial sun should be enough

you didnt mention whether its planted in ground or in a pot.

also, how much and how often do you fertilize?

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Ann_in_Houston(z9 Houston)

It is in a pot. I have only given it slow release fertilizer. I don't know anything about tropicals as they differ from other plants. Do I need to do the slow release more often than once per season?

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Tropicals are not really that different that different from other plants in my opinion. But getting back to your concern, I have yet had Strelizia reginae bloom for me despite having grown them for years! I would ease off though on any fertilizing and also reduce watering. Plants often respond to drought by entering a flowering period. If you think about it from the plant
perspective, severe drought means I might die so I better produce flowers and seed to endure the dry season in order to survive once the rains return. Good luck and post pics if they do bloom.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have grown all three types but only as yard plants . As I recall it took the orange variety around 4/5 years to start but has been flowering since. It is located in full blazing sun , in the ground. gary

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