Update: Sharing Springtime Pictures - part 4

kalena67May 14, 2008

I thought maybe the last thread might be taking a while to load for anyone with dial up, so I'm starting a new thread.

Here are a few blooms:

These tulips came with the property, they look like 'Apeldoorn' to me.

The next is Viola that I bought at the Greenhouse

This is a gift from a Daycare mom for Mother's Day.

Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull'

My Bleeding Heart

My Rhododendron has buds on it, too. Here is a Morning Dove in her nest in a tree that is right next to the swingset/tower play area. The kids must really make her nervous when school gets out.

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Beautiful pictures, Kalena! Thanks for sharing them!

The roses are starting to bloom out very nicely now, I'm excited!

"Overnight Sensation" mini rose. It had just rained, so the poor thing was weighed down!

A rose that Medo sent me last summer. She didn't know the name, so I've dubbed it "Michele's rose". :O)

Climbing roses. The one on the left was WHITE when I planted it 3 years ago. Last year it turned pink, and this year it's a burgundy color! How strange is that?

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Great pictures! Kalena, I hope the Jethro Tull Coreopsis I started has those fluted petals; so different!
Bunny, Michelle's rose is lovely!

I always have a hard time choosing which pictures to post. Here are three from last weekend:
Unnamed Rose from J&P

Shrub Rose Golden Zest

New for me this year, Iris Zebra Night

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I love the golden zest, Poison! Yellow roses are beautiful. :O)

Remy's rose bloomed today (finally! after weeks of teasing me! lol)
I believe the name is "Belle de Crecy", but the tag has faded.
Remy~ Does that sound correct?
It's a beauty no matter what the name is, though!
And the scent! WOW! From just one bloom, you can smell it when you walk outside. Amazing! I can't wait until the rose gets bigger and is loaded. :O)

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Frances Coffill(7b)

oh melissa

those roses are lovely! Just looking at that flower you know it s going to smaell fantastic! My neighbor gave me a new shrub rose that has a yellow bloom and smells slightly of licoris! I was always afraid of roses (my mothers favorite) but the fragrant ones are just irristable. I have added three roses to my gardn this year. 2 Lady Banks (I fell in love with those tiny flowers) and this new yellow one called Julia Child. I think I am hopelessly addicted to Roses and Iris now, which brings me to.......

PoisonDartFrog. OMG I love that soft peachy colour!

Suddenly finds herself wondering how to work 'pastel' into a rather 'vibrant' colourscape......

aaaahhhhh so many flowers so little space.

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Yea! It is Belle de Crecy. Isn't she gorgeous! I remember when I got my first bloom. I was amazed at the color. She fades to a pretty color too.
Your white rose died : ( Your climbing rose has turned into Dr. Huey. It is a much used root stock. It happens a lot. See the roses I sent you were small but started from cuttings so no matter what happens, like a bad freeze or getting whacked by a mower, the rose will come back as the rose I sent you. Purchased roses often come grafted onto a root stock, because it is a cheaper and quicker way to make a large sized rose for sale. More info then you wanted right, lol. So either you can keep the doctor, or rip him out and start new. Dr. Huey is a pretty rose, but mildews badly for some people, but healthy there is nothing wrong with him.
Here's a shot of mine(he came with my house) from last year.

The rose Medo sent you last year is a beaut too.

I love the tulip close up. It is cool pic. That is a really interesting coreopsis.

I like how the rose matches the background iris, very pretty. I've never seen that Night Zebra before! I have regular with the lighter blooms. Only buds here though.

Here's my tree peony first bloom opening with my hand so you can see the size. It is a no-name one I bought a few years ago. I lucked out in that it smells like a rose.


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Remy~ I had wondered if that might be the case! LOL The first summer we lived in the house, my kids bought me some roses (the best they could afford, the $2 specials at Big Lots!). It is certainly the thought that counts, however...and I'll definitely be keeping it.

Here's a new iris for me this year. The tag says "Stippled Ripples", but it doesn't look like any other with that name that I've seen. It, to me, resembles "Bountiful Harvest". Does anyone have any ideas? (sorry for the huge picture, I tried to resize, but photobucket is being a goober this morning)

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I love all the pictures. This is the first year that I've had irises blooming so early.
Iris 'Honey Gold' (received during my Birthday Swap last year).

Iris 'Everything Plus'

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Here are my latest pictures:

My Iris have buds but no flowers yet.

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Diene~ Tulips are always pretty, thank you for sharing! :O)
Galium~ I love the honey gold, that is gorgeous!

Here is another picture of "Overnight Sensation". I thought it was very pretty how the color matured over the week.

Here's another of the red roses, too. It's amazing the difference a few days can make! They're going wild now!

"Mount Duckling" Asiatic lily

Dianthus "Cheddar Pink"

Mock Orange that is over 15 ft tall (close to 20!). I cut this to the ground 2 years ago, and it's come back with a vengence! The girls have a "camping" area underneath it...that would be why there is a blue sleeping bag in the left of the picture! :O)

Walking outside right now is heavenly! Between the roses, mock orange & honeysuckle...it smells wonderful! And the 70 degree weather is nice, too! :O)

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Melissa, your mock orange is HUGE!!! Mine is only about 3-4' tall. But then we've been pruning ours every year, except last. I love your red roses climbing the side of your house. Your 'Overnight Sensation' rose has colored nicely! I wish I had more blooms to share!


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Thank you Karen! That mock orange is part of the original landscaping done in the 50's! The entire hill behind our house was once landscaped beautifully, with flowering shrubs & spring bulbs.....*SIGH*...but over the last 25 years of no one caring for it, it's gone wild. We're slowly taking the hill back. LOL But it's a challenge. We've got over 200 forsythia still to take out! We took out that many this winter, and they are trying to come back. UGH, it's a battle. And rambling roses, honeysuckle & blackberry vines. Whew. :O)

I've got lots of blooms, but feel like I'm taking over the thread (LOL) so I'll limit myself to one today. :O)

"Chinese Treasure"

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Diene's tulips are wonderful! Galium and Bunny, I love the irises! Remy's big pink peony is a beaut!
So much is in bloom now that I have not posted lately because I can't choose, but these are the most recent:
Salvia argentea

Climbing Rose, Polka

Oriental Poppy

Proboscidea louisianica

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I totally love the poppy and the Polka rose... and the others are great, too, Poisondartfrog! Thanks for sharing. I took some pictures the other day but haven't loaded them on the computer yet. Will add some pictures soon.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

My first Calla bloom!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Proteus Clematis

Cranesbill Geranium

Pink Ballerina Gaura

Alana, I love your Rose and Poppy! Nikki, your Calla is so beautiful! Everyone's flowers are gorgeous this spring!

We are finally seeing some more blooms here! We had some high 70 degree days and the perennials are starting to wake up!

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Great pics everyone!

It is of course the thought that counts : )
Mount Ducking is a pretty lily.

Good to see your bulbs in full bloom!

My first poppy opened yesterday! I have no pic yet though.
That Proboscidea louisianica is a neat looking flower. I've never seen it before.

That's a nice looking calla lily. It looks huge. I'm used to little ones in pots.

I love the clematis! I've got no blooms on any of mine yet.

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Tracy-I really like the Proteus Clematis.

Poison-The Climbing Rose Polka is lovely

Love that Asiatic Lily Melissa.

I had a few more Irises blooming this week.
Iris 'Twice Thrilling'

Iris 'Summer Olympics'

Iris 'Fiction'

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Remy, Thanks! Proteus is the first one to put on the show. All the others are just getting buds on them. I can't wait to see them open up!

Mariann, Thank you! I love your Twice Thrilling Iris. Is it a rebloomer? I love the light blush coloring.

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I took these pictures several days ago. Just now finding time to share them. Hopefully I can get some pictures of the salvia when it has more blossoms on it. I got it last year and love the color!

Salvia Black and Blue

My Peonies - I waited and waited for the buds to open and we got hot weather right when they did and I don't think the flowers last more than two days. They were beautiful when I had them though.

Many of you have gotten Korean Bellflower 'Elizabeth' from me when I trade. This is what it looks like in bloom. (At least that is how it was labeled when it came to me.)

Gaillardia 'Red Flame' (I think I remember this right)
I winter sowed these early in 2007 and this is the first year they have bloomed. I love them.

These next two are irises of some type - if anyone knows, please give me a suggestion. I think the first one is Caesar's Brother. The second is an unusually wide flower - at least 6 inches across. Any guesses?

Hopefully something new will be blooming soon.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Good Morning!

Jeanne, I love your Korean Bellflower and Peonies! Your salvia is so lovely too! I winter sowed some this year and just planted it out this week. I have the Coral Nymph Salvia. I hope it blooms as nicely as yours. I think the last iris is some type of Louisiana Iris. I just started seeing these this year when Trina was trying to id it. Then we saw some posts by Emily (I think) of hers from her garden.

Here is a picture of a few new blooms in my garden.

NOID Blue Iris that I received from my MIL last year.

This is my Caramel Heuchera with Bleeding Hearts at Sunset. I just love the way the light played on the leaves and the fuschia color of the hearts!

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I love the picture with the bleeding hearts and heuchera. What a great blend of colors (and great photography.) Iris is very pretty, too. I loved mine this year. They decided to bloom for a change!
Maybe were in the same seed swap -LOL- I have Coral Nymph Salvia that I wintersowed! I'm almost sure it came from a swap. It germinated great and I planted lots of it in front of my shrubs. Still small, but one little plant has flowers on it already. I also have red salvia and white that I planted - no flowers on them yet. Salvia blooms all summer and into the fall here and not too many other plants keep going through our summer heat!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Jeanne, thank you! LOL, I think we may have been in the same seed swap then! No blooms on mine yet but plenty of foliage. I planted lots and lots of it in my new sunny bed. I hope it blooms for me as well as it does for you! Color through the fall sounds great! I've never grown them before so am very hopeful.

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I love seeing everyone's gardens, especially the iris! Mine aren't blooming much this year, so I love seeing everyone else's! :O)

My roses are going crazy right now, every one of them is blooming it seems. My camera doesn't focus too well, so getting a closeup is very hard...and taking pictures of whites are impossible! LOL

Here is mini "Coffee Bean"
It's a gorgeous rust color with dark brown striping, difficult to see in the picture, because it looks very red.

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purple iris

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Hello All;
Here are today's shots

This is a "Rootbeer Iris" in that it smells like rootbeer.

This was a gift last year but I have no idea who from. My DH really likes it. thanks.

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I love the flowers, girls! Some of my fav.s:
the Climbing Rose 'Polka', 'Pink Ballerina' Gaura, Iris 'Twice Thrilling', Gaillardia 'Red Flame', Heuchera 'Caramel', and the Iris 'Root Beer'. Oh, who am I kidding, they are all fav.'s!!

Here is what is blooming for me

Bleeding Heart

Flax WS '07

Columbine NOID Ws '07


My Creeping Phlox

Amsonia WS '07

Dame's Rocket WS '07

Have a great day!

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HI All! The only thing I can say is WOW!!! Ladies you have some great gardens.Guess I'll have to update my want list once again! LOL!!Thought I'd share a few of mine.
This is my very first Brugmansia to bloom.I was lucky enough to meet a fellow GW & she gave me many!

'Peacock Maiden' daylily

'Amplified' daylily

Pink Rose from Wal-Mart(Diego didn't chew them to the ground this year.YAY!!)

Fushia rose from Walmart too. Well worth the 3 dollars I paid for it!

That's it for now.
Later....April/ dirt_under_my_nails

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WOW those are all so very beautiful!! i havent been out taking pics yet, we've been too busy transplanting!! LOL and planting. and talla has been pulling all the petals off of the very pink roses of mine, they smell so pretty!! along with the honeysuckle ahhhh i think i know what heaven will smell like!! and when the clover is in bloom, mmmmmmm. but then tabor (my son) mowes a little of the smell goes. thank goodness i still have the roses and honeysuckle. and grants rose. its "midnight owl" tomarrow i'll try to post. you have simply amazing flowers!!!

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

You have one of the color combinations I love in your garden! Those drifts of creeping phlox are just heavenly! Enjoyed seeing your amsonia, too. I bought one a few months ago and think I will really enjoy it.
April and Diene,
Your flowers are beauties, too, and I love the frog sitting on the bench and the cat - my cat is my gardening buddy - although sometimes he is a litte too in the way! LOL
I am going to start a new heading. I suspect this is getting slow to load for some people.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Karen, I am so excited seeing all of your blooms! Your gardens are beautiful! I love the little chreub with your bleeding hearts.

Diene, your iris are beautiful. I like your little frog too!

April, I love the roses and daylilies! Beautiful blooms!

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Tracy-Iris 'Twice Thrilling' is a rebloomer. This is the first year it's bloomed for me.

Jeanne-I want the Korean Bellflower 'Elizabeth'....It is so pretty.

Karen-Your Phlox is putting on quite a show. I wish I had more sun to grow some.

I have 2 holding beds in my veggie garden and I keep forgetting to take pictures up there. If it's not raining to hard tomorrow I will.

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nigra hollyhock i've been waiting on for 1 y

my daisy that comes up all the time :')) for talla's fairy's

five spot, LOve them

this is an midnight owl climber rose more of a purple!! smells heavenly!!

my rose, smells absolutely fragrant!! and especially next to the honeysuckle bush, now i know what heaven is smelling like!! that is what GOD put them here for.

honeysuckle vine, now this with my rose was up, ahhh the smell of heaven, i know why GOD has put these two on earth!! :'))

peony now this one is planted many in a circle, they like it this way, not a bunch in a filled circle, BUT a outlined circle. also talla has decided to have them near her fairies. that's just fine!! LOL they grow very well this year!! LOL

sweet william!! i love this plant!! its growing great now!! :'))

absolutely dunno but its in tabors medievil garden and looks kinda cool!! LOL

some snaps!! WOO HOO!!!

i know i should separate them but ya know, they look so good and i didn't want to mess them up!! LOL
so far this is what i have :')) Hugs Medo

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wynative(z5 WY)

My latest iris - can't remember its' name:

and this is a few of the other Iris that I have that are NOT going to bloom :( along with some Flax, a wave Petuna and Pedro

Out of over 200 iris - over 100 different ones, only 4 are blooming this year?????? Is anyone else having this problem? I fertilized last fall and early this spring like I always do. The leaves are very healthy and a nice green but no blooms....

The rocks to the left have Hibiscus tucked in between them and are growing well!! They actually came back for me :)

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I'm glad Jeanne started a new post this one is getting hard to load because of all the great pics : )

That Twice Thrilling is unusual!

My peonies are getting ready to bloom and it is hot here now. I sure hope they don't disappear too quick.
That gaillardia is a pretty one!

Beautiful blue iris!

What is that daylily that is blooming so early for you?! I have a yellow one blooming now and all the rest of mine take awhile.
You have beautiful iris clumps.

Your creeping phlox sure is happy. It looks great!

I just love that Peacock Maiden.

I need to grow that 5 Spot. The flowers are so cute. You do have good looking Sweet William.

I don't have a clue about the iris. Hopefully they go crazy next year.
Your iris reminds me of Brown Lasso or a decendant there of.

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Finally figured out my Gaillardia is 'Red Plume and not 'Red Flame' - the tag on it had not faded so I really should have looked. It's still blooming strong so I think that Gaillardia is a "keeper" for me.

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ya i just have to remember to keep things away from the birdfeeder, LOL now i had tons of seeds in there with the five spot!! LOL :')) finally got it all cleaned out though!! LOL :')) Hee Hee

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