christia obcordata

gaza(10 la CA)July 24, 2006

hi group,looking for a source of the green and red leaf form?

any help?


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Tropiflora has both the red and green form,Cloudforest also had them listed.

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horse_chick(Sunset 26)

We had the green form in but I took the last one. I'll check with our nursery personnel and see if/when we will be getting more in.

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Got this from a seller in Netherlands ($13 each plus $7 for shipping). Arrived last December, I thought its not gonna make it. It seems to be thriving. Blurry image in the background is Christia Obcordata I got from a local nursery ($7.95).

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Cookie, do you have a link to the seller in the Netherlands?

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