(Help) Pruning Mistake, Container Mango

Jay_MangoJuly 24, 2012

I realize that this site is filled with posts on pruning young mangos, however I could not find a relevant post.

I have a potted Fazli Mango ~4.5 ft tall, that I tipped at approximately 3.5 ft, after which it grew 3 branches. Instead of tipping again, i let them grow. After which I clipped off a what-i-thought-to-be off balance branch; I clipped the wrong branch. Now my tree is taller than i'd like and far off balance.

Will it be too stressful for the plant if I cut off the entire top (with branches) and try to force it to branch at around 2.5 to 3 ft? I'd really like any insight, my concern is that the older leaves at the base of the trunk may drop before the tree has a chance to recover, but I'm not sure how the leaf cycle in a mango works.

Thank you soo much for your insight.

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it'll most likely survive. with a good healthy root system, it'll send out some more branches.

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It's fairly hard to see, but I'm planning on cutting it at the red line, which is at about 3.5 ft (~3/4 inch above the group of leaves hidden by the larger leaves). I'm sorry to reiterate my concern, but this tree is one of my first, is a present from my girlfriend, and the only container fazli i've heard of. The burnt tips are old, it used to be in a much smaller pot with potting soil that had apparently turned to "rock". But it does look healthy enough to cut right?

I will most likely cut it, I'm just nervous :-)

Thank you so much.

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Ok, so as per advice by @houstontexas123, and reading some postings by @puglvr1, i've cut it back. Here's a picture, it looks much better, and I'm convinced now that it will be just fine.

Thanks again, again @houstontexas123 for your assurance

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is it grafted or grown from seed? its the first time i've heard about this cultivar.

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Fazli, also spelled fajri (in india i think) is a very large variety of mango, the seed husk was if i recall correctly about the size of my palm (7" x 4"). I can't remember where i read it but the trees are supposed to grow very tall, and the fruits are also very large. In bangladesh i believe it is referred to as the king of the mango. Much like (at least so i've come to believe) the karutha colomba in sri lanka.

because the seed is monoembryonic (i believe that's the right word) i know that it will not be true to seed, but I chose to hope it turns out well and it should produce something in the next 2-3 years all things permitted and i'd like to see if it is disgusting or not :-D

all of my mangos are from seed, unfortunately. someday i hope to buy a namdocmai and a lancitella, but for now the wintery north asks me to try out my skills growing potentially delicious mangos from seed.



I certainly have nothing against keeping you updated as it progresses, just let me know

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