Have You Seen the Movie, 'United Flight 93?' Impressions?

stitches216(8/9 Hou-Galv)May 5, 2006

I have not seen it yet. So far, I have only heard that: it's captivating, makes you feel like you're one of the passengers or other people who were on the front line of the actual drama on 9/11. And that it does not go into politics or making any particular point. It's "pure portrayal and plot - no pontificating." No big-name actors.

A friend of mine said he would not see it because of how he expects he would "identify with those people." I don't think I would react in any rash way if I saw it. But I do have some reservations about how it might affect me emotionally, and for how long. I've seen war and gore and close-up mortal combat, but it's been a long time. The couple of previews I've seen were intriguing, but a little worrisome, too. Strangely, I'm in this huge family, but no one has made a peep about it yet.

Hoping to read from a variety of folks here - thanks.

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Dena Walters

I've seen the LIFETIME movie about it...I've not seen the actual "move theater" movie...
I know.....or .. I believe we ALL need to be reminded about 9/11 often...
So we KNOW what our troops are fighting for...I have 2...not a friend.or a friend of a friend...
I have "2" nephews over in Iraq....one in the Army...one in the Navy..
I am very close to both...they hate it over there........but they hate it worse...hearing....WE DONT CARE..WE'RE TIRED OF IT......ETC...
I BELIEVE in what we are fighting for....and for those not directly connected to the towers..or the Pentagon..or the Flight 93....it no longer seems important enough...
I talk to my nephews about every 3 weeks....they are terrified...their tired...their scared all the time......its still bad over there..but they DO believe in fighting against what happened on 9/11...
Sorry..Hope I didnt get on a soap box.
We neeed to see and hear OFTEN the video, the aftermath..the families...the effects of 9/11 to who this tragedy happened to....and PRAISE our Military for what they are doing...
ANYWAY..LOL....SORRY....yes..I saw the Lifetime version..it's so sad..but sooooooooo imspiring.....they portrayed (sp?) these people as the heros they really are....no POLITICS!!!..NO VOTES...NO POLLS...Its perfect...and yet sad....you kinda get close to the people and realize what your families are over there fighting for!!!
Im so sorry if I got out of line...I have a lot at stake..as every person this affected on 9/11....
Thanks so much for asking!!!

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You're not out of line Dena - not in my eyes. You can't get in trouble speaking the truth.

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Dena Walters

THANK YOU ... txgardenlady!!...almost cried on that post...
Thank YOU!!!

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kateyes(z9 Baytown)

I agree 100% with you Dena! My son was in the Marine Corps years ago, and he wanted to re-enlist to go fight; his wife threw a fit! I was so proud of him for wanting to defend freedom, but, as his mother, I admit I was relieved his wife won that battle. I think that woman, Sheila whatever-her-name-is, is just making a spectacle, and I believe her son would be very upset and embarrassed.
I get so wound up about this issue because .....has everyone forgotten that day, staring in horror at the TV as thousands of innocent civilians were murdered? By cowards?
We are spoiled as a nation; we think it can't happen here...BUT IT DID!! And it can again!! People forget, and that amazes me! It is terribly sad and frustrating that our troops are having to learn to fight a war that is waged by cowards (car bombs, etc.), but I pray that each one of them knows how many Americans are so proud of them, and sleep safe in our beds each night because of their scarifice!
I don't know if I will watch the movie; I get really upset just thinking of the terror the victims felt on that day, knowing it would be their last because of those cowards.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

God bless America! God bless our troops, and help them to persevere over a cowardly enemy.

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stitches216(8/9 Hou-Galv)

I hope I didn't stir up anybody in any way that's hurtful for them. It's hard to keep the emotions steady about it all, I agree. I'm on all you folks' side!

I like what I heard one of the passengers' surviving dads say. Someone asked him something like, "Is it (the movie) coming out too soon?" And he said, "It's too soon to forget." Wow! That's powerful!

Another thing I heard - I don't know if it's true. But I heard that the movie makers sought out surviving family of every single passenger and crew, and got the thumbs up from every one of them to make the movie. You know, that is probably the strongest incentive I could ever have, to go see it!

Dittos on the God Blesses! (I have to stop, eyes watering...)

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Kateyes - Sheila is Cindy Sheehan, I think. And yes, she is a sick puppy - seeking the spotlight for herself using her son as the stepladder. I read that she had given that very son up in a divorce when he was seven. I haven't checked that story yet (I will),but it is given more credibility since she just dumped another family of kids to be a shill for the anti-American front.

Save her kids indeed - she passed up the chance to raise them.

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OK - I'm back to correct my words. I checked out Snopes on the divorces of Sheehan and there was only one, that happened after her kids were grown and gone.

Not a child abandoner, but still a loon.

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kateyes(z9 Baytown)

Txgardenlady -
Yeah, that's her; see, I can't even remember her name! I had heard stories about her "motherly instincts" too.
What really grinds my teeth is this; when Pearl Harbor was bombed, did we jump 100% into WWII? You bet we did! Americans have gotten very...lax into thinking we're "safe" - even after what happened that horrible 9/11 morning. I hate the fact that the war we're fighting now is, like I said before, against cowardly enemies who use car bombs and such. And that is because they know that face to face we'd kick their butts clean over the moon!!

No, I don't like our men over there fighting, and dying, in that hot, miserable, crazy h--ll-hole, but, we're at war! And that's what soldiers do; that's why they join the "armed forces"....and they are all volunteers because we have no draft.

My family tree has a long list of military members, including my grandmother who was in WWII. We are a very patriotic family. And even if we don't agree with the decisions our government makes to go to war, or continue to fight that war, we still back the soldiers who follow through with duty and honor, representing this country, and all she stands for - freedom!

People seem to not realize the reality of the fact that we are at war! It's become such a media/political circus!!

And Stitches, you didn't hurt anyone; I just get wound up over the subject. And I'm conflicted a bit, just like everyone else probably is, about whether we should stay and finish (can we??), or bring our guys home and protect the heck out of America's borders!

'Nuff said.

God bless us all!

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I'm actually torn about whether to even post here, but here goes:

Some of you may recognize my name. I'm a fellow Texas gardener, and while I do not post here regularly, I do lurk.

I have to say that my family knows Mrs. Sheehan quite well, and she is most certainly not a "loon." I find it very insulting that she has been called such in this forum. While we each are certainly entitled to our own political beliefs, I hope you will all realize how off-putting it is for some (like myself) to come here and see such words. It really isn't necessary ... in fact, it can be quite hurtful. I just hope you all will think twice before posting such negative words in the future.

Thanks for listening.

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I will not see the movie. Revisiting the horror would cause more sleepless nights. Pray for our troops and our nation, you bet!

Forget 9-11...the victims & families affected- NEVER!!!!


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I have avoided this thread for some time, for some reason I opened it up today. I spent two years in Afghanistan and did one year in Iraq. I would be there again but I was pulled out of the loop to be an instructor for the future troops. My tour ends next year so I will be going back pretty soon.

Americans, as a culture, have already forgotten what happened. It's become the latest chapter in the history book. Should we see it? If you donÂt remember, yes! If it's still fresh in your head, remind others. It has affected my life in such way that I will never be the same person, ever. My wife has noticed it and it saddens her at times.

Auntjen - I am sorry that you were offended by the comments about you family friend, but sometimes you have to call it like you see it. She offends me and I find her very insulting. Ohh well, I just move on. She had the right to oppose the war, don't know why but she did. She lost a son, I have lost many friends. I know she is upset. Now she has become a string puppet for politicians. I am not advocating one group over another; they all take advantage of the situation when possible. She's a loon. Her recent comments have left me puzzled - Canada? Okay see you later. DonÂt be insulted that you would find that language about your friend, it wasnÂt hurtful. They, I, are just exercising their freedom just as she is so publicly doing. If I spend a good portion of my life defending our beliefs, values and freedoms, I want some of the action too. So please, I say again - donÂt be offended.

We did not become this great country by respecting the legal rights of our enemies. I donÂt care if they have feelings, the only thing I hope they feel is the combination of three things: bullet, gun, & my finger. That may sound harsh but please know that being responsible for taking a life has bothered me at times, they, on the other hand enjoy it. They welcome it. To be blunt, I will kill over, and over and over again to eliminate the possibility of my daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister of being hurt by them. I play such a small role, but I do my part.

I resigned with the military for another four years while in Afghanistan, and if all is the same I will do it again.

Good Day,

my favorite colors

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I'm sure Ms Sheehan has been called worse, and I know for a fact that she has said worse about the President, our troops, and our country. When she puts herself out there as offensively as she has done, I think "loon" is mighty kind words. She is one with the Code Pink people who stand outside veterans hospital and taunt the wounded soldiers.

I also think she is being used, but she made herself available.

And a big Thank You to Zitro Joe for thinking this country is worth defending.

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Well, since we are "exercising our freedom of expression", all I'm going to add is that I believe some of you are grossly misinformed.

But I do wish you all peace, goodwill, good health, and happiness anyway. :-)

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Thanks, I was wondering where I stood on the information scale. One request, you should put down your copy of the Washington Post and visit Iraq, or even Afghanistan.

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Have a nice day, Joe.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Joe, I have purposely stayed away from this, but you have reminded me that I have a duty to stand up for the things I believe in. I thank you and so many others like you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible for us to be exchanging views. If it were not for you and others like you, we might well be lurking instead of speaking our minds. I am so very sorry that Mrs. Sheehan lost a child (I know first hand how painful this is), but she needs to honor his memory in a positive way, and respect that he was doing what he thought was right. There are so many wonderful men and women fighting for all of us, please - let's respect them and show them our love. That's what this country is all about.

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stitches216(8/9 Hou-Galv)

Everyone - I too, have been staying away from this (conversation), especially after I saw how passions got so stirred. We all have plenty of those (passions that is), and plenty enough going on to keep us stirred up. I am so sorry for my part in causing any discord between members!

I will probably see the movie sometime this week. I really was just probing for experienced movie-goers' "code words" about the movie itself (not about the topic of the movie per se). Since no one in my family has seen it or said anything about it even yet, I have been feeling "unprepared." I think I'm ready to take my chances.

Joe, that is one of the prettiest photos of a US flag I have ever seen! You are so good with that camera! Let us be "led by the still waters," and "led by the paths of righteousness." That's what your photo brought to mind - thanks.

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stitches216(8/9 Hou-Galv)

I finally saw it, late last night. I felt a knot in my gut get tighter and tighter as the scenes passed and the drama of desperation accumulated. But other than that, the movie did not cause any intense or unusual emotional disturbance in me. I thought it was exceptionally, commendably well done. DW even went with me, and for once, we both came through about identically, emotionally.

DW was offended because it seemed to her like the military characters were singled out for put-downs. It looked to her like there was an imbalance of portrayal of the military folks, compared to the other responders, as the least intelligent, most disorganized and otherwise most inept. I didn't take it that way, although I understand why she would. But really, the attacks were not something anyone was well-rehearsed in responding to. (Who's all set to execute plans to respond to an earthquake in Chicago? Or a bee swarm in a shopping mall, for that matter?)

There probably would have been unnecessary shootdowns if the President's orders had been passed. That's the kind of thing that happens simply because of the "fog of war," absent any blood lust, overreaction, or insubordination. I thought the commanders' declining to pass the shootdown orders was as brave and admirable an action as the passengers' revolt. I guess I brought that up because I'm familiar with air-to-air scenarios.

For irony in personal experience, just this past week I watched The Godfather Part III on DVD. Weird movie, but I suppose it was a way to bring some kind of closure to the first two parts. Anyway, one very good line in it was: "Don't hate your enemies; it clouds your judgment."

I think United 93's most clever quality was its portrayal in a way that did not strive to focus viewers' empathy toward either hijackers, or passengers, or other responders, or other less involved characters. Portrayal with any hint of "partisanship" would have disserved the public and cheapened the movie. The media are already far too full of historical portrayals that stoke already existing hatreds (and create new ones), such that too many people are fighting the war we are in with clouded judgment. It's one thing for combatants to adopt, or reject, one another's strategies, tactics, methods, ideas or styles. But it's self-defeating to the warrior who lets propaganda affect how he "feels about" his enemy.

I ached after the movie, not because of it, but because there aren't more like it, especially covering the current war.

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