Super Boy hybrid 785

billinsc(7B SC)March 12, 2010

I need some info on this hybrid. I can't find much on it except that it is supposedly disease tolerant to VFFNASt.

Anyone here grow this hybrid?

Bill in SC

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Never grew, but it is just a medium 6-8 ounce round red hybrid. VFFNASt. It is not that unusual in modern hybrids. We don't have all of them in this area, But i do need TSWV most years, other wise Fusarium and nematodes are the major problems. Verticillium, Alternaria, Stemphylium I have not encountered in this area.

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Billinsc, I grow Super Boys every year. I've never had a problem. In the picture below the Super Boys are the ones on the left Big Boys middle and Better Boys right. The pictures were taken in late June. The Super Boy, No joke grew to about 8 feet. Biggest tomato plant I've ever grown.

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"Biggest tomato plant I've ever grown."

And I just bought a pack of Super Boy 785 seeds (Ferry-Morse) that labels them as determinate!

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Make sure if you stake them to use two because these plants are huge. They're not just tall for a determinate they're very full and don't do well in thunder storms high winds. I also pile grass clippings around the base every time cut the grass.

Good luck

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rwk_nova(7, Northern VA)

Is there any improvement in size, texture, flavor, or production of Super Boy over Better Boy or just increased disease resistance?

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rwk nova,

Size, I would say they are about the same as a Better Boy. Texture, in my experience is the Better Boy was softer and faster to split and rot which brings in bugs. The Super Boys were firm kind of like a Roma but same size as a Better Boy.

IÂm not saying Super Boys are the best but for someone that canÂt make it into the garden everyday it helps when they donÂt fall off and rot, which we all know brings in bugs and ants.

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