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fmcgoohanJuly 22, 2012

I was given this plant but have no idea what it is. There are three individual plants in the pot. One of the plants has developed a pattern of brown spots on one of the leaves. The other two are starting to develop browning around the edge of the leaves. Can someone help answer what is this plant, how to best take care of it and how to combat the browning? Sorry, I know that is a lot but I'm afraid it is only going to get worse if I don't figure out what the plant needs.

Thanks very much!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

looks like either a bird of paradise of one of it's relatives ,or might be a Calathea?? Would suggest repotting and a shady summer out doors. If a BOP definitely needs a lot more light. gary

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It's a white bird of paradise. It's most likely browning because it is very root-bound and can't take up water to support that much foliage. You don't show a climate zone by your user name and that's a problem when trying to help someone with a plant issue.

If you are in zone 8b or above, plant this in the ground and keep it watered. If you are in a zone below 8b, plant them individually in garbage can-size planters and drag them into a warm and well-lit spot over the winter.

They will need fertilizer after you get them re-potted and they have become established - a month or two.

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Thanks for your quick replies! I'm actually in New York and the plant has been indoors since I got it. I'll have to get another pot for it until I can find a suitable location. Any ideas on how to keep it from growing too much without harming it?

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