Avocado tree dropping leaves

Bigstick62March 3, 2012

Hi everyone, I am a newbie to this forum and I hope someone can help me out. Earlier this week my avocado tree started to drop leaves and some blossoms like CRAZY. Is this normal or something else going on? I recently added some fertilizer to the base and am hoping it didn't cause this episode. I tried uploading a picture for all to see but am still trying to figure the procedure out. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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Bigstick62, that is normal for avocados they will have blossom and will soon be followed up by new growth.

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Hi ajaysr5, thanks for the follow up. I feel better now, in that this is a normal occurrence and I may actually get some fruit this year.

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My avocado just did the same thing. It lost a bunch of leaves, and flowers, but it's not going nude by any stretch. They're pretty hardy.

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