Univision #1

labrea_gwJuly 25, 2013

Univision was 31 in July!

âÂÂUnivision swept ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX,â the letter reads. âÂÂFor the first time ever, the NetworkâÂÂs no-repeat lineup of primetime novelas, variety and sports made Univision AmericaâÂÂs New #1 Network [emphasis theirâÂÂs] among both adults 18 - 34 and 18- 49, including men and women. In any language.âÂÂ

Now Steve King was pursued by a Univision reporter
regarding his immigration statements
Steve King Says Comparison Of Immigrants To Dogs Was A Compliment before fleeing the relentless trouncing.

Univision hasn't been painting a pretty picture of tea party speakers comparing mating donkeys to Secretariat or Mr Kings dog analogies.
If they get their foot on the Neck of this party I hope they keep it there until some real change occurs & these clowns are brought to heel with their generic race & nationality baiting.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Univision hasn't been painting a pretty picture of tea party speakers

Someone needs to say it.

(Univision is also partners with Disney for 'Fusion' - a cable network for English-dominant Latinos. In a discussion last night, bilingual Latinos maintained that the Spanish-language news has different areas of interest and different presentations that lead to certain expectations from any news programs. As more Latinos become primarily English speaking, Univision is betting that there is a market for English-language cable network following the Spanish-language example. )

Univision Radio axed Piolin por la Mañana (big news here).

In local radio ratings, Ricardo Sánchez, known as El Mandril (on Spanish-language KLAX/Spanish Broadcasting System), captured the number one spot for drive-time listening in Los Angeles.

Poilin (and Mandril) publicized the immigrants' rights demonstrations in 2006. Spanish-language radio is credited for the massive turnout (over a million in the streets) in Los Angeles.

As the example of California proves, the Latinos are ignored and derided at the GOP's peril. The Steve King types in the GOP are God's gift to the Democrats.

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Hopefully, it will bring about change... and if this is the platform that works to bring it about, so be it.

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Decir la verdad.

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Were they broadcasting the Gold Cup?

Because I was watching that.


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