Know of anyone who sells mango cuttings as scion for grafting?

ZigmundMarch 15, 2013

Hi Mango lovers,
Do you know anyone or any nursery willing to sell/ share their cuttings?

It is so much easier to manage a shipment of cuttings (in ziplock bags with damp paper towels, placed inside a Fedex, DHL or UPS document flyer) rather than a 2-ft box of bare root plant, which would have to come complete with phytosanitary certs, an import permit, and a visit to customs to manually claim the item & pay duties without assurance of it ever being released alive.

Cuttings are better. Fedex delivers straight to ones home. All one needs is a ready rootstock & a steady hand for grafting.

Cuttings I'd truly be interested in are for alphonso, edward, carrie, keitt, neelum...any other suggestions?

These are varieties not yet found where I live. Anyone able to send me these cuttings will have the satisfaction of having propagated these in the Philippines where it gets boring to have only one type of mango to speak of. lol

I can use my Fedex/ DHL acct for pick up arrangements. I can use Paypal for payments :)

Thanks for any leads you may mention.


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Fruitlovers nursery in Hawaii, sells scions, and has a pretty good selection listed.

he has a minimum of 100 bucks, each scion is 5 dollars two minimum per variety, in other words, you could buy 10 different varieties, and get 2 scions of each.

this is his list:

Ah Ping, Brook's Late, Carrie, Excel, Fairchild, Florigon, Golden Glow, Gouveia, Haden, Harders, Harumanis, Julie, Keitt, Kensington Pride, Kent, Kurashige, Manzanilla, Mapulehu, Momi-K, Pope, Rapoza, White Pirie, Zill Late, Amrapali, Brahm Kai Mea, Cac, Chokanon, Cushman, Edward, Fukuda, Ice Cream,Jakarta, Kook Lom Krong, Lancetilla, Mallika, Nam Doc Mai, Neelum, Okrung, Pim Sane Mun, Carabao, Po Pyu Kalay, Pram Kai Mea, Smith, Torbet, Alampur Banadesh, Kasturi (Mangifera kasturi), Kuini (Mangifera odorata)

of course you could also check around with members, and other local growers to see if they can spare some scions or do some trading. best time is probably right after mango season when folks start doing their after harvest pruning.

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