Heirloom Production

Jaybob(5)March 23, 2012

Hello! Long time Lurker, first time poster. First of all let me say thank you to all of you for your posts and this site. Last year was my first garden in a long time, and every time I had a question, this forum had the answer!

I've decided to grow Heirloom tomatoes this year, and I was curious as to what their typical production amount is? I've pretty much taken over my whole back yard with tomato plants. Last year I grew pretty much Roma's and Better boys. A lot of people I talked to to said last year was a terrible year for tomato's but I couldn't can them fast enough!

Here is a list of the types I started from seed this year. I'm growing a few of each to see what I like.

San marzano

Mortgage lifter

Cherokee purple

Black krim



Jersey giant

Amish paste


and some backup Roma's.

Any thoughts or Tips would be greatly appreciated! Especially on preventing disease/wilt. Thanks!

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Hi and welcome! Looks like a great list. I grow mostly heirlooms too but not exclusively. I am first year for some of the ones of your list but I have grown Mortgage Lifter and found it to be quite productive, right until the golphers got it! Made a wonderful sauce too! Good luck, LInda

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Production varies with each type of tomato, the soil and climate its grown in, availabile sunlight, and nutrients available. Looking at your list, I have grown San Marzano, Mortgage lifter, Cherokee purple, Black krim, Amish paste
Brandywine and Roma's. From that list San marzano, cherokee purple, Amsih paste and the romas were the most productive. Mortgage lifter and black krim were less productive, and depending on conditions, Brandywine is least productive. My results should be evaluated in the context of my growing conditions. I live in Northern Utah, and have slightly alkali sandy soils. Our nights are cool and our days are hot. I have noticed some inverse correlation to productivity and taste, that is the less productive the better the taste. However, that is not always true. Good luck growing. Kevin

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harveyhorses(7 Midlothian Va)

Hi, My Black Krim last year was not as productive as some of my others, but I am putting in more of them this year because they are so delicious. My Brandywine went gangbusters, until we had about a week of 100 degree days and then nothing. It really does depend on so many variables

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