mangos splitting again

terrisoflaMarch 15, 2011

Hi all,

I posted a message in November regarding my 5 yr. Nam Doc Mai that hasn't fruited yet. I think I did all things right this time, and still I have fruit splitting and anthracnose. I had an unbelievable bloom on the tree this year. It was loaded. I still have some fruit left, but the larger ones are starting to split. It has received no extra water and only horse manure as fertilezer. I saw some white powdery stuff on some of the blooms about 6 weeks ago and I gave it one spray of copper. I don't think the one spray helped the antracnose because now I see dark spots on fruit and on some new leaves that are forming. Anyone have any ideas to help me save some of this fruit?

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Horse manure is not good for mangos(very high in nitrogen).If u want to use manure like ur source of nitrogen i will use BLACK KOW but just after u pick the last fruit to help a healthy new flush.After the tree flush in the summer -NO MORE NITROGEN-He need to rest and translocate energy to store for flowers and fruit development.Righ now u need to use just POTASIUM-I recomend 0-0-51(u can find it in DIAMOND R FERTILIZERS-was ATLANTIC FERTILIZER before:google the name and u will find the location that is better to u.For watering a nam doc mai i will try a deep watering every 10 days to help with the spliting-i hear once that can be for a change in the internal pressure of the fruit when rain after a dry period.any way i will water like i said before until a month before ripening-that and the potasium that help translocate the food and the water inside the tree may help.Oh i forgot -u can use potasium any time of the year without affecting the tree cycle.


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zands(10b Fl)


Very useful fertilization advice. Thanks

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Thank you for that information on where to buy the 0-0-51 fertilizer. I have been reading about it and wondering where to get it. Now I just have to make a trip south! You must be in south florida right? Just want to check because your growing conditions could be different from mine. I'm getting very frustrated because I see all these mango trees in my area looking great and producing fruit. First I did too much, now maybe I did too little. Don't know. Do you mulch your trees?

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Dont mention it-Im glad if i can help a little.I also learning to grow my mangoes and reading and creating problems in my mangoes for TO MUCH LOVE teach u something.Yes ,i live in miami.I mulch my mangos ,but i dont think that that is the major "cure " for mangos(it will help,dont get me wrong),but im learning that mangos dont like to grow faster that they should,because then they dont have time to get all that they need to store to have healthy and disease free flushes.(sorry my english writing people-i dont practice writing to much)so like i said before when u over stimulate mangos with to much water and nitrogen u r making the tree to stop producing carbohydrates to support fruit development the next season and can also creates flushes to weak for excess of nitrogen and and defect of everything else that they need.I think in they process and see it like that -they flush when they r ready to flush and then they star "eating" again to have everything they need to flush again or to flower depending the time of the year(temperature,water,nutrients,etc).Now u have 3 pictures here.

1-u do nothing (my neighbor tree)and the tree will star getting the mycro and micro nutrients they need to get the trunk more wide(more space to store food),and then to flush.they will when he have what he needs with sometimes little deficiences that u can correcy easy.

2- u apply nitrogen and u are giving the tree the nitrogen he needs to flush and the tree stop right there to get everything else that he needs and flush.U got the picture -the trunk remain the same-and weaker stems.
3-and this one that is what im doing now-i let the tree tell me where he is.when i see the new buds will star open for a new flush i help the tree a little with a very mild fertilizer like espoma citrus tone or better tomato tone,and extra 0-0-51 like one hand full for inch of trunk diameter.I will give him 0-0-51 again in november ,when he flower and star getting little fruits then i will give him the espoma treatment again to help him to retaing the fruits and then in april 0-0-51 again to make the fruit bigger and sweeter.
i also dont water my trees ,just a little help when the fruits are getting size and then no more after begining or mid april depending the ripening season. I do this because high soil moisture ,high temperature and high nitrogen levels in the soil or in the tree tissues can break the tree rest and make him flush and flush again .
ok i think thats the idea people .good luck

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zands(10b Fl)

These guys in Pomapao Beach, FL have that unusual 0 0 51 Potassium fertilizer. Call them before going to see if it is in stock. $25 for 50lb bag
They also have Potassium Nitrate fertilizer which is used as a foliar spray in Philippines and Asia to induce budding and fruiting especially in mangoes that want to really bear every other year. AKA alternate year bearing

Also a local nursery might order 0 0 51 for you a trip

Here is a link that might be useful: can get 0 0 51 fertilizer here

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Zands Thanks for that link, very useful info....I pass that area 3-4 times a week. I will have to stop by there and check it out.

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zands(10b Fl)

I will warn you Universal Supply in Pomapano is a bit hard to find. Is is an industrial and warehouse district.

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