Plant growth enzymes, nutrients, microbes, ect...

simon_growMarch 15, 2011

Hey everyone, I just wanted to create some discussion on plant growth enzymes, nutrients, microbes, ect.... There are lots of new products out there on the market and I want to compile a list of stuff that really works. I am skeptical of many of the products out there but there are also lots of items that after doing a little bit of research should or at least sounds like it can have beneficial properties.

There's are chemicals out there like auxins, cytokinins, Gibberilic acid and someone on another thread just mentioned Fulvic Acid. The mechanisms of action for these chemicals are at least partially known and I would like to hear about any other synthetic or natural enzymes, nutrients, chemicals that might be beneficial to plants.

One of my good friends recently mentioned to me that he was using veganic nutrients. Veganic nutrients are not supposed to leave behind residues and there is no or very little build up of salts.

I personally try to grow everything organically and use beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi and try to incorporate lots of organic matter into my soil. I am also a big believer in using worms to help aerate the soil, get natural worm castings into the rhizosphere (worm castings has chitinase, breaks down chitin, chitin is what insect bodies/shells are made of)and worm poop also has its own beneficial microbes associated with it.

Please share what you are using or even something you've read that may be beneficial to plants.

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Simon, a good idea.
I hadn't ever even heard of the fulvic acid until I went to purchase the GA-3, and also apparently there's some use for malic acid in plants... and even then there are other gibberellins aside from the GA-3 that is available on the market... kind of mind-boggling.

Scientific gardening, cool.


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