Oro Negro Avocado

swrancherMarch 27, 2010

I'm very excited, just picked up a new variety of Avocado tree from Pine Island nursery called "Oro Negro." The avocados are sized and shaped like a Monroe, but have Black skins and are supposed to taste very buttery with a Mexican avocado taste. Another great thing is its a very late variety October-January so it won't overlap with my Russell Avocado tree. Hopefully I'll be able to post a review of it in a year or two.

Also recently planted some Doreen and Southern Home Muscadaine grape vines in my yard.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Super- Good luck! That sounds like a nice addition and a long avocado season for you in a few years!
Keep us posted.

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Hi swrancher,
I noticed that you're probably the only one that has posted or owns a Oro Negro avocado. Would you happen to have a pic of your tree?
Pine Island nursery recommended it as THE ONE avocado tree to plant since I don't have room for a second.
Has anyone else had a chance to try it?

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I have not gotten any fruit yet but can tell you its a real nice looking tree for a avocado, very dark rich green leaves and seems to be growing pretty straight. I bought the tree last spring as a one gallon sized grafted tree less then a foot high tall with just a few leaves. A year later its now almost five feet high and very healthy. I'm hoping next year I should start getting avocados.

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I purchased and planted a 3 gallon Oro Negro from Pine Island about 2 months ago. I agree that it is a very nice looking and vigorous tree. At the rate it is growing, I expect a few fruit next season.

photo today

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Do you know what the cold tolerance is? Also, is it self-fertile.

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Thought everyone might get a kick out of seeing what my Oro Negro has done growth-wise since being planted last spring.

One gallon size newly grafted (still had the rubber band) Oro Negro tree. Picture taken and tree planted May, 2010.

Great growth over the first summer. This picture taken 09/2010.

The tree is now over 5 feet tall and hopefully may produce next season. This picture was taken today, 04/15/11.

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Yikes! That thing went bezerk!


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Nice pic. That is a great example of why buying large trees from the nursery is usually a waste of money.

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Hello Friends,

Wow, both of your trees are absolutely Gorgeous. Whatever the 2 of you are doing, keep doing it because it is working. So healthy and happy looking. Good Job and Good Luck.

- Jacob

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