Anyone grow Jade Vines?

granna4July 17, 2009

I am living in West Texas it is very dry and HOT here. I have ordered Black Jade seeds from Top Tropical located in Florida and the seeds are sprouting. I am waiting for the Red and Blue seeds to come in so I can order those as well. This is my first venture with this so I ordered 2 packages of the seeds just in case.

Thank you for your time.

Granna VV

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They are not going to survive your winter outside.

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bihai(zone 9)

Unless you have a heated indoor growing space like a greenhouse that has the capability of housing a huge creeping vine that gets 30-40 ft long on multiple trailers, you will not be able to grow and bloom any of the Jade Vines in West Texas.

I am growing the blue (green), the red (Mucuna bennettii), and have small plants of the black, purple and yellow.

I have a 1700+ sq ft greenhouse that never goes below 50-55F in winter. The green jade is about 6 years old and is my oldest. It has a trunk the size of a small tree. It did not bloom until it was 3 years old.

I wish you luck and hope that you didn't waste your $$ as these seeds are expensive, I know

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I enjoy a challenge I will bring the plant in the house for the winter as I do with all of my plants.

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bihai(zone 9)

Ummmm...well, good luck to you, but this is kind of the set up you need to grow a Jade vine, either Strongylodon or Mucuna species. The plant occupies a vertical space of approx. 18 ft vertical x 12 ft horizontally with a depth of maybe 8-10 ft. They have to be this mature to bloom. The don;t bloom in the house on a trellis.

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I agree with bihai. This plant needs a greenhouse environment. My greenhouse was dipping into the low 40's for a few days at a time over the winter and that just about did it in. Besides problems having to do with the size of a mature vine it also requires high humidity. I finally gave mine away. I'd never say not to try to grow a specific plant but you picked a tough one to grow as a houseplant. Good luck.

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I've bought two so far from the local nursery here and lost them both. Can't tolerate a lot of wind, and I think need pretty high humidity - like down in a valley. I'm gonna try again down there and let it grow up on an established tree. Please wish me luck ! I'll keep you all informed as it goes.


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bihai(zone 9)

I think these plants are pretty amazing. They are extremely aggressive. I obtained a seed for Mucuna nigricans 2 weeks ago and planted it in a 4" container. It took a little over a week to sprout, after nicking and soaking 24 hours. It sprouted and grew 4" overnight. Over the new few days it has grown over a foot. I am going out to trellis it now.

The Phillipines is where the Green (aka Blue) Jade is native to, and they call it the Emerald Creeper. That is exactly what it is, a creeper. It will engulf anything and everything in its path and I have to constantly trim mine. I just traded away about 30 YARDS of vines over the past 2 weeks and have at least that much to prune today.

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Good lord bihai !
Your greenhouse looks like a miniature version of my botanical garden.
Nice little Licuala Grandis hidden in there too.
I think I see a cattleya skinerii in a hanging clay pot too ?
The "bihai" in the photo. Chocolate dancer perhaps ?

Hey Granna the jade needs its "trunk" to be heavily shaded. The vine part does fine in full sun.

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bihai(zone 9)

LOL doooglas that's kind of you to say.

Yes, the heliconia is Bihai "Chocolate Dancer". Most people would not be able to tell that from the quality of this photo.

I built the greenhouse to mimic a botanical garden house, and to be able to grow things like the Jade Vine and the Mucunas and palms that I could otherwise never grow here.

I have perhaps 400 orchids in the collection, I am very partial to minis, bulbos and cirrhos, and vandaceous. I also love aroids and lost count of the different species of anthuriums, philodendrons and others I have collected. I have been at this for over 20 years now.

Palms are another love of mine and I have perhaps 100. Licualas I especially love, and have several different ones.

Here are a few others:
Salacca magnifica

Pelagadoxa henryana

Licuala mapu

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