Heritage - KBX and Manyel

Rathos(7b PA)March 5, 2012

Just a nod to these guys. I ordered 2 packs of KBX from heritage tomato seed. I received an email the same day (thursday) and received the seeds today (monday), well packaged and in good order.

additionally, they included a pack of Manyel tomatoes as a gift. is this common practice?

At any rate - great experience, and very reasonable price.

Now can anyone give me an idea what to expect from the Manyels? I've never heard of them, (granted, i'm still a nublet) and would be interested in hearing what people think about them. And Heritage, if applicable =)


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Rathos, my experience with HTS has been great; they're one of the best. A number of seed suppliers will throw in a bonus packet, which is cool in a grab-bag sort of way. I haven't grown Manyel, but it's a popular variety, a lot of suppliers carry it. Here's the blurb on Manyel from Tatiana's tomatobase:

75-80 days, indet., regular leaf, good yield of 3" golden yellow globes, blemish-free, very good taste with a hint of citrus.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Let me try to clarify.

I was the person who introduced Manyel to others via my listing in the SSE YEarbook, Tania doesn't have that info there and I suppose I should give her the rest of the info as well, since I'm in contact with her all the time.

My seeds were from Joe Bratka many years ago and when he got them it was also said that the word Manyel meant many moons, but nowhere could that be verified and also of Native American heritage and nowhere could that be verified either.

Tania has two listings, one for Manyel and one for Many Moons which is not a separate variety, rather a wrongly suggested translation of the word Manyel. So those two pages should have the same information.

Hope that helps.

Carolyn, and no it isn't unusual for many seed sites to include a bonus pack. Even when packing up tomato seeds for my SSE requests I include a "gift" pack of seeds.

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