birds eating leaves?

suzie29March 27, 2012

I dont think they are eating them but they are ripping off all the leaves. I have never heard of birds eating leaves & I wouldn't have believed it but I caught them in the act.

I first noticed the damage on newly planted 3 day old tomatoes, just ripped to shreds. Looked for bugs never found any at all times of dusk/night/dawn. The next afternoon there was little to no leafs left, thats when I saw them sitting on the cage ripping off the leaves.

That was 2 weeks ago, since then I covered them with netting & they are trying to put out new leaves. I uncovered 1 plant yesterday for 2 hours & now its just a stick.

These birds have been here for years, why are they bothering my tomatoes now? What are these birds?



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I had smaller finch like birds ripping my leaves apart and it turns out that they were trying to peck at bugs and the leaves were collateral damage.

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RabbitRabbit(9 CA)

I also had little birds rip up the leaves of sunflowers. I wouldn't have believed it either except that I caught them in the act. They were sitting on the stalks and ripping into them until the leaves looked like lace. I really don't know why they were doing that because I don't think there were any bugs on the sunflowers. They almost seemed to be eating them -- I know geese eat grass, but I'm don't know about other birds.

Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but at least we are all puzzled together!

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

My mom has found birds pulling up marigold seedlings. She was blaming neighborhood kids until she saw it. I wonder if it's part of the nesting/brooding process, since they don't seem to bother the plants later in the season. She replanted a couple of weeks later and they left them alone.

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