Tropical Hibiscus????

Maryl zone 7aJuly 18, 2009

Is this the forum to discuss Tropical Hibiscus? I see all other kinds of Hibiscus discussed on the "Hibiscus" forum, but little mention is made about the tropicals. Some of the newer varieties have very unique coloration and I'm thinking that surely with this many to select from there's some discussion about the merits of one over the other. I know really nothing about them except what I see for sale at the box stores, but I do mail order if it's worth it. Any suggestions?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Last I heard there are over 800 named hybrids of the tropical varieties alone throw in crosses between the families and you could plant acres lol.. I like the gigantic single flowering types but dislike the growth habits. Particularly like the weeping standard types but lack the gigantic flowers.. I only grow 5 kinds due to limited space but what always catches my eyes at the shows is the "metallics " in bronze ,copper gray. Hate fighting with the bugs though lol gary

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This company offers some beautiful varieties but I've never bought from them. I have some hardy and some tropical varieties but I don't winter the tropical varieties over in the greenhouse any longer. They never fail to get white flies no matter what I do to prevent an infestation. I don't use chemical controls so I just enjoy the tropical varieties over the summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: HVH

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Maryl zone 7a

As I said I'm a blank slate when it comes to Tropical Hibiscus. The one or two I've grown over the years from the box stores had zero problems, so I haven't experienced any insect problems(yet). I'm familiar with white fly only because I received some in a shipment of plants from a well known mail order nursery. I Like to never got rid of them inside the house. However, I've never seen them on an outside plant. I don't have room to over winter them, so unless it was something extraordinary I will probably let them go at the end of the season too. The metalics interest me, as well as the ones that have a melange of unusual colors. As you said Gary, there are so many to choose from that I was hoping someone was really into the named cultivars (like some people are with roses or daylilies). That way I can find out something about what's good or not before I spend the $$. Thanks Kayrn for the link. I'll be looking at it soon......Appreciate any input I can get....Maryl

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I've had a double pink tropical hibiscus, Kona, for years. Once it got up to a 13" pot, I stopped transplanting it. But I keep it trimmed back to about 3 feet and put it in our large south-facing window during the winter. It will drop a large percentage of its leaves when brought indoors, but quickly adapts to the lower light conditions and will actually bloom off and on throughout the winter.

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Here in southern California I have found these "tropical Hibiscus" to be a little less cold tolerant than the common ones. By February the tips of the larger branches have lost their leaves, but by June the same branches are full of leaves and ready to flower.

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Maryl zone 7a

Wow Cagary, that's a beautiful one. Thank you for sharing it with me. The color just glows. Do you know the name of the variety?...... I think I have stumbled onto something. I just found out that the "Cajun" Hibiscus many people are talking about is really just a newish variety of Rosa Sinensis (AKA Tropical Hibiscus). I told you I knew very little about them, so this was news to me. Below is a link to some of those varieties. Do any of you grow any of them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Cajun Hibiscus-Rosa Sinensis

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Cagary, Yes I have always loved this bloom. Did have a double of the same color combination it would send out the second part of the bloom when the sun was bright and hot. It was a joy to watch. Other wise it looked like a normal double.
Thanks for the memories

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u can check out or find hiddenvalleyhibiscus's website. they are discussed in the hibiscus forum. I have used a type of insecticide that u mix with water and water the plant with it. the rots take it up and the bugs dont like to eat it then. i also take the garden hose and spray off the leaves like every other day or so.

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Maryl zone 7a

About the only insects that I have encountered with my tropical Hibiscus so far are aphids. Right now they are really abundant for some reason. Because I seldom resort to insecticides, I give the leaves and buds the old blast of water treatment for several days which clears them up until the next batch shows up. The whiteflies others have reported I've not seen on my plants outdoors and another reason I don't bring them in for the winter. I don't want to infest my home with unwanted guests and whiteflies in particular are definitely unwanted.

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