Sugar Apple Seedlings

andrew78(6)March 6, 2011

I was wondering if anyone had any sugar apple seedlings that they were willing to part with. I have been wanting to try the fruits for a long time and getting a seedling seems like the most likely way I will ever get to try the fruits.

I have on seedling that started last summer. About 12 seedlings germinated and over the winter, I lost them all except for this one. For some reason I can germinate cherimoya. I actually had so many seedlings I threw most away.

I do have seedlings and seeds I can trade. I also have seed grown passion fruit vines that came from Hawaii. I know the name of the variety but I cannot think of it off hand. I do know that it starts with a P. LOL! I can find out if anyone is interested.


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Andrew, I have 3 and I can send you one. I started mine not too long after you started yours. They had been grown for 2 winters and a summer. They are about two feet tall and just got pugged to about 10" to encourage branching. The seeds were from Trade Wind. I also have another set of SA seedlings I started few months ago. These are from the fruit I had in Houston. The fruit was the chewy type that I like. Hope it will grow true from seeds.
Bo (yaslan) sent me some cherimoya seeds last spring and these seedlings are sure growing very fast. I grafted atemoya scion onto them this early February but they were all failed. Too bad, otherwise, you can have one of it too. I can post pic if you want to have a look at it. I am interest in your Maha Chinook budwoods whenever your tree needs to prun.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Andrew - I hope you're able to locate a few sugar apple seedlings. I do have some seeds but they float in water. Does this mean they're no longer viable?

jlgarden - good to hear the cherimooya seeds did well for you! Did you use all of the seedlings as graft? Please post a pic. I'd love to see what became of the seeds I sent ya. ( :



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Hi Bo, I got about 8 seedlings growing. Gave 2 away and grafted all but one. I brought the scions home from LA during my Christmas trip. They were not grafted until Feb. I think that was the reason why the grafts fail. I will find some budwoods and try it again. If you want one of this SA seedling, I will have one sent your way. I will post some pics tomorrow.

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Bo, These are some Cherimoya plans and the failed grafts are still on them.

and these are my three SA seedlings. New leaves are about to grow.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

They look terrific and are super healthy and has a nice trunk! Does your cherimoya seedlings look similar to these?


p.s Sorry, Andrew, for hijacking your thread ( ;

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