Mystery plant at the grocery store.

williamrJuly 10, 2010

When I was at the supermarket this evening I picked up this plant in a so-called "self watering pot". It has three dark green stems growing from large split green seeds. Has anybody else seen these for sale at stores recently? I will try to post of photo of it soon.

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How does one post a photo in a message?

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Is it a Castanospermum australe?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Karyn1, it is!!! Wow, how did you know? If not for you, I probably would never have known what my plant is. Now to figure out how to grow it. Thanks again Karyn.


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Home Depot got in several Castanospermum's, and price isn't bad. Got mine June 6th.
Although they're interesting, they're difficult over-wintering.

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It's also called Morten Bay Chestnut and Black Bean tree. The only reason I knew what it was was because I bought a couple seeds at Disney World last winter. They called it some screwy made up name so I contacted the company that sold them and asked for the proper name.

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Mine is doing extremely well indoors so far, putting on new growth, etc. This is surprising for a sun-loving tree from the tropics. I'm glad you went to the trouble of finding out this tree's true identity. I googled the nursery's name on the tag of mine and found nothing.

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