birds of paradise help

coolcop007July 11, 2014

i just bought this bird of paradise plant locally. I was told that it was 15 years old. in the pictures you can see the leaves are borwining and drying up. what is wrong and what can I do to fix it. the store guy said just to cut the dead and fertilize and it will come back quick and flower this year.

any help is appreciated.

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If that's a 15 year old plant then it must have spent those 15 years on the verge of death. First thing you need to check is the soil quality, is it fast draining or does it stay soggy? There could also be excess salt build up from fertilisers. Sorry to say it, but it's not a plant I'd be inclined to pay for.

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looks more like a 1 year old plant. 15 year old plants should be massive affairs, and would be difficult to fit in a 20" box.

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