Anyone grow Carambola (Starfruit) in significant shade?

wardog25March 6, 2013

Does anyone grow Carambola in partial shade? I hear they are great fruit producers, so I was wondering if perhaps it would be a good choice for a partial shade spot I have, because if I get a few less fruit (rather than the bucketloads that people say they get from these trees), I won't be bothered.

I have a spot next to the house that in wintertime will only get what sun can filter through a nearby oak. And in summer the spot will get maybe 2 hours of sun in the late morning before the sunlight is blocked by our house. The spot will get zero early morning sun and will not get afternoon sun until the branches reach high enough.

I'm just wondering if a carambola could still thrive there and give some ok fruit production. My other options are a navel orange and a guava tree that I'm planting, but I think both of those need more sun for fruiting.

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I had some come up from seed in partial shade. They still fruited well but the plants were more spindly and sparsely branched. The shade was from other trees and was filtered, not solid.

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I think I'm going to go ahead and put one there and see how it does. It's possible once it gets tall enough that the upper branches could get 4-6 hours of sun. It's just early on that it won't get near as much. So hopefully it does ok.

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I have three all shaded by large bananas. I keep them thick by pruning and they fruit REALLY well.

I have a Bell, Kari and a Kajang and all so far have fruited more than I can eat. My co-workers love them and I expect so many fruit this year I'm going to have a hand at making carambola wine!

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