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sandra_zone6March 9, 2012

Sent out my soil samples, priority mail, on Feb 29 and the results were in the mail today. PH is high, but phosphorus and potassium are above optimum so not sure how I should fertilize for tomatoes and veggies, I had planned on using plant-tone and tomato-tone. These are raised beds, 3 years old, I garden organically.

Ph 6.6

Calcium > 4000 lbs per acre

Magnesium> 500 lbs per acre

Phosphorus> 100 lbs per acre

Potassium > 600 lbs per acre

Boron .80 range s/b .1-2.0

Iron 2.80 range s/b 1.0-4.0

Manganese 5.8 range s/b .1-20

Zinc 2.6 range s/b .1-70

Aluminum 20 range s/b 10-300

They recommend 2 lbs Nitrogen per 1000 sq ft with a side dressing of 3 lbs of 10-6-4. Organic content is high and they recommend no compost or wood ashes for "some time".

Please forgive any typos, on my phone, without my glasses.

Thanks in advance for any responses!!!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

More of a Soil Forum question since they deal with these daily but IMO it is a darn good set of results and I wouldn't worry about adding much of anything. Especially since your organic content is so high.

Maybe a bit of N with say one of the diluted liquid fish concoctions as needed throughout the growing season. You sure don't need any P or K.

Personally I envy that good of a pH since mine normally runs 8+.


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Thank you!

I posted in that forum; looks like I am not in bad shape, just need to keep an eye on what I do this season and watch my plants to see how they respond.

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