Update on my dwarf june plum

ch3rri(z6 PA)March 2, 2009

Here is the link to my blog on my june plum. Enjoy.


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Oh no- that is a terrible ending to the story...
Did it get too wet when you moved it inside, or too dry maybe?
Do you know that it is really dead (take it out of the pot and check for live roots). Maybe it was just shocked....
We can hope.

When my fruits get ripe, I can send you some seeds if you want to try again.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Sorry about that :o(

Wonder what caused it? I guess it is possible that it might still be alive...don't give up till your 100% sure its dead...good luck!

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I still see some green. Don't give up yet.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

It looks like you had more than just the one. Did any of the rest exhibit any of the same symptoms? The plant looks just fine in the first December pic and then five days later you can plainly see the tree going south. It looks like something traumatic took place. Did you do anything different during this time? Too much fert? Something get after the roots? Anything that could have gotten sprayed on the plant?

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

LOL. I think the poor tree used up all the energy to support the fruits. I think it's totally dead now. :( Well, I still have 2 more to go. They are flowering right now. Hope it survive the change in temperature. I didn't do anything different to the tree. The fruits were the same size for over a month...lol. It could be that I over water it. Or it could be because I sprayed some oil spray to kill the bugs. It's like the fruit changed color over night...lol. I really think the fruit got ripe..:) So I'll be careful with the other two that still trying to survive. The fruits are so small I couldn't even eat it...LOL. I did try one and it was bland. Maybe I should just buy the fruits at the supermarket.

rayandgwenn - is your fruit a lot bigger than mine? LOL. I need to remember to remove some of them next time or it will never get big. :)

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You will need to be determined with them. you might cut some off and it just sends out more blossoms where you cut. persistent little buggers.

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Hi ch3rri,

You do have to thin out the fruit of dwarf June plum/ambarella,
especially for such a small plant.

And also take into consideration that June plum is
deciduous and will tend to drop its leaves in winter,
in particular if kept dry too long or gets exposed to cold.
Don't confuse this state of dormancy with death; they are very tough and generous plants.

If you cannot give it consistent warmth and strong light in the winter,
then it might be best to remove the fruits that form late in the season
and only allow those formed early Spring to mature.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I'm just going to leave it alone now. I don't think I can do anything to save it. The top is dried...lol.

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My cut down my June Plum which I thought died because we had a bad winter in Florida. I was lazy and never bothered to dug up the roots. Anyway, I recently looked and it's springing back up. I already brought another plant, so now I have two. This trees are very easy to fruit. I just fertilize with an organic fertilizer every once and a while. Even without it they fruit without me doing much.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Mine was really dead to the bone..lol. I think it got some sort of disease. Good thing I have 5 of them. Right now all of them are blooming. Not sure if I should let it fruit since the fruits are so small to eat.

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pick the fruit and let it grow to a good size.

i have a small when and all it wants to do is produce fruit. i pick it and it grows a little and then tries producing even more fruit.

they can actually kill themselves by producing too much fruit by neglecting themselves of nutrients.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Boom- Any picture of your june plum. I planted mine last year so this is the second year. They are over 1-2 ft.

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sure i just took these:

for scale

it was originally that branch on the left a year ago. it gave me three fruits then grew the leader you see now. i just picked 6 fruits off it about a month ago. its budding a new leader. very prolific and everbearing.

here it is 6 months ago

also here are some other random pics of my garden i never posted on here. im still working on the landscaping.

White Guava

Ruby Guava

passionfruit (yellow and purple)


Julie Mango



everbearing mulberry


Red Raspberry

Red Lady Papaya

cheena Jackfruit


Dragon fruit, white, magenta and yellow

Pineapples, spanish red, delmonte gold, sugarloaf

Citrus, Meiwa kumquat, temple orange,. red navel orange, Dancy Tangerine. flame grapefruit, duncan grapefruit, sanbokan lemon, pink varigated eureka lemon, buddha hand citron, key lime

Barbados Cherry

Jaboticaba (i grow it rotating it like that to get a bonsai twisted trunk effect)

Wonderful Pomegranate

Figs, Green Paradiso (a cutting i got from a gentleman by the name of John in the fig forum for shipping only) Viollete De Bordeaux, Brown Turkey

curry leaf


miracle fruit

vanilla bean orchid

some trees i purchased from Sadhu a few days ago. they are in shock from the bare root shipping

Salak Palm

Assai Palm

Achacairu, giant jambolan, marang, cabeluda (yellow jaboticaba)

hope they make it, we can use some rain

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

WOW...so many. Thank you very much for sharing. I just love to look at other's garden...make me want to get more.:) Do you like atemoya? You should get some. I think atemoya is good...and sugar apple too. If you can grow them to have large fruits.mmm... I'm growing some sugar apple from seeds. My mom got some really large sugar apple from vietnam and she saved the seeds for me. I planted them last year and they are 6" now. I also have 2 atemoya trees and a large over 4ft sugar apple grown from seed too. Just ordered another sugar apple from PI too. All of the Asian people I know love to eat sugar apple.

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yes i love anonas. i posted in your other thread the pictures of my front yard with the lisa atemoya, kampong mauve sa and rolinia.

thats all in my front yard :)

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wow Boom,
the benefits of FL lifestyle so many things planted out, I can only dream. Beautiful treess and yard, dang it now I need to buy some more trees. I've been eyeing a salak for some time now (among other things) hope they rebound from the shipping.

thanks for posting,

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Great collection. You have given me a few more ideas on plants to buy. Did your trees from Sadhu look like that when they arrived? I had good luck with plants from him and did not seem to get so much transplant shock.

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Oooh lala what a magnificent collection wish I had some of those. I would love to grow longan, jaboticaba. I have several dwarf june plum trees that are already bearing in pots. Right now I have several fruit in season so am inviting everyone to come visit.

Here is a link that might be useful: my rustic bajan garden

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islandgal what is a pa louis mango?

there is no information on it whatsoever. what does it look like? are they ripe yet, most of the manogos here are done except for the late seasons like valencia pride

your garden looks stunning, how large is your property?

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Boom pa louis mango is a local variety found in the caribbean I only know it by that name. It is my most favorite mango. They turn a green and yellow when ripe and sometimes full yellow. They can also ripen with a green skin. They are not ready as yet probably in another month or so. My property is just over 2 acres. Thanks for stopping by.

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Hello ,
Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds

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I recently got my June Plum from a shippment in FL, I"m in Calfornia,

My father had put them in fertil., which I told him was wrong, and now the plant is losing it's leaves and dying...

what should i do now? remove the fert, and put it in only dirt and soil, and place in Shade? can anyone advice on how to revive these plants?


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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Is your june plum in a pot? If it is then just try to water the fertilizer out. If it's been out in full sun then leave it there. The june plum do not like wet soil for a long period of time. The sun can help dry out the soil faster. Try not to disturb the roots too much. I think the young june plum is very sensitive to over watering, fertilizer, and cold weather in the low 50F. Only water the june plum when you see the soil is dry on top.

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