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sassyd(z8/SC)May 1, 2007

The other was getting long so I started this one.

This is my latest daylily fix, (ya'll know I like orange!)

Citrix Stamille 06

Now some Iris my Mom has which naturally are not named, if any of you recognize them please let me know.

Now ya'll know I can't NOT post this little bloomer.....

Lol, I just love that one! That little....hum...I'll give you half a smile! She's really not grown as much as the pic looks, I was zoomed in really close. She at 9 lbs 14 oz. But MeMa's babysitting everyday, so MeMa's happy! lol

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Hi Sassy,
Good idea. The old thread was getting hard to load.
I'm not much for orange, but that daylily does look cool! I of course love the iris un-named and all.
The expression of the baby is so adorable. I know you have to be happy getting to watch her all the time!
Hope everything is going well in the new house,

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thought I would share a few pictures with you all :))

#1 Blooming UNNAMED Iris


#3 BOO




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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

Some photos from my gardens:

Winter Jasmine

Unnamed plants

Blue Salvia (first time in 3 years that it's blooming!)

Cooper's Ice Plant

Gaura "Ballerina Pink"

Snapdragons that survived from last year!


Unnamed plants

My wonderful Japanese Maple found on clearance last Fall for $8!!

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Sue that purple unnamed looks like the one I posted above in a vase on Mom's dining table, still don't know the name but its really pretty. Love Star of Africa, Boo and Jazzmatazz, they're all gorgeous!

Klick...your pics are beautiful too. Love those snapdragons, you know they're my colors! Girl you did good if you bought a Jap. Maple of any size for $8.

Well I was going to go move some hosta's but it pouring rain now, so guess thats out. If the baby wasn't coming for the afternoon, I'd probably be out there anyway, lol.

Happy planting!

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my new baby girl 2yrs old tell you more when I'm not so tired .


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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

Sassy... I actually got 2 Jap Maples for that price!! If there were more, I would have picked them up! Wish there had been more to buy.

Susie... where did you get the adorable pup?!? Did you see the new addition to our family in the other thread?

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WHITE BLEEDING HEART & a huge thistle that needs to be removed :(

JULES: I Kept saying NO MORE Dogs but this last tuesday
I think it was the gal over in the trailer park called to ask me to take her for her othe English bull dog had just had 10 puppies & the parents didn't like this dog
so I have adopted "PEANUT "
2yrs old has had her 3 yr shots Hates MEN
but love dad when I'm not here .
She love to ride the lawn mower with me I have a duffle bag for her to ride in :))
she has never been allowed to be out side only to go to the vet .
here she lays beside me everywhere we go to work in the yard , she is very cuddly .
well enjoy the pics I 'm going to shower then watch a movie.
have a great weekend

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Aww! Peanut is a cutie!

I walked out to the garden today for the first time in what seems like ages (I've been neglecting it for so many other things going on right now) and look what was here to greet me. I just had to pull the camera out. Sorry for the poor quality in the last picture....had the camera on the wrong setttings.


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theresa what wounderful blooms can hardly wait for all my plants in full growth right now everything is green :))
many Irises starting to bloom . love the rose bushes .

Jules : sorry about your hubbys cell phone :)) but dogs will be dogs :))) he (HUBBY) Might learn to pick up :)).

we had a hard frost that i did not expect last night & so i have to go check out my garden .

happy gardening & HAPPY MOTHERS day


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

hey everyone. enjoying the pictures. the dogs are just too cute for words. klick and sue, best of luck with your new addition.

klick, i like that ice plant and i can't believe you grow amarylis outside. the only time i ever see them in this area is around christmas and inside. maybe i'm missing something????

theresa, gorgeous blooms...what's the ID on the daylily, do you know?

well, here's my arbor. i put it up today before dinner.

a little blurry, but here's the wall i've been working on. it continues on the other side

does this look like phlox foliage or is this a weed?

how about this gorgeous bloom? (you can see the arbor in it's leaning against the car stages)

could this be a weed? i sure don't remember it from last year, but then again, that was last year.


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I think my little iris that just stated blooming is the same unknown purple one as yours. I used to have Boo, but another iris crowded it out.
Your new dog is adorable!
That ornamental rhubarb looks cool.
Hope the frost didn't hurt anything too bad.

Nice plants. I like the salvia. I keep killing ice plants. I like them, but they don't like me, lol. My snapdragons survived too! but mine are just little clumps of foliage, nowhere near blooming. Seeing an Amaryllis blooming from the ground is neat!
What is the other blue blooming plant?(Not the iris, lol)

I'm jealous! My roses are just leafing out. What a great pic of your dog.

The arbor looks great!
I think that is phlox foliage. It does look just like a weed, so I always want to pull it, lol. The bottom one looks like a perennial too. It looks Salvia like. Hopefully someone recognizes it.
Your granddaughter looks so happy to be outside with grandma!

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I enjoyed seeing all the pretty flowers. Theresa, your Golden is so cute! Just love Goldens. We have one now and had one prior to her. Maryanne, your granddaughter is cute as can be! I can't believe all these things you make - retaining wall, arbor, etc. I haven't got a "handy" bone in my body and if I did, my back would give out long before I got anything accomplished. LOL
I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. My husband and I went out to eat on Saturday figuring it would be less crowded then and stopped and got an indoor fountain that I wanted for my bedroom and some potting soil. Always need that! My older daughter sent me the most surprising books - had never seen these before - one is an heirloom tomato cookbook and the other is something like "The $64 Tomato." Really enjoying them!
I hope everyone has a good week. Third week in a row for me of bad back problems, so I am still trying to take it easy. I have been going to the chiropractor, but not getting the results I need to get so I will probably be going to my regular doctor soon. Several years ago he sent me for a shot in my back and it was the wonder treatment. I think it was some type of steroid. I went from hardly being able to move to being able to travel, carrying my suitcase, etc. (Good thing it worked because I had a lengthy trip to take just a day or two after the shot.)
I'll try to post some pictures soon. I also have an outdoor amaryllis and it just finished blooming. They sure are beautiful. My oustanding plant right now is a rose bush - Veilchenblau. It only blooms once a year, but is a big sprawling thing and the roses are a purplish-blue. It's only about 2 years old and will be much bigger in future years.

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Maryanne, I think the bottom picture is Bee balm,(Monarda) at least it looks like mine. Amy

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Sharing a few pictures of my plants... the first one is Veilchenblau.

Potted plants on my deck - hopefully some of these will find a home in the ground, but the roses in the pots on the deck stay in the pots all year. These seem to like it best in the pots. Two nearly died when I had them in the ground, but they are happy as can be in their pots.

The rose in the foreground is Baby Faurax and the bright flower farther back is rose campion. Inbetween is a miniature rose bush. Wish I could remember the name!

I also placed a few picture on the Garden Circle Exchange Ring if you would like to see a few more.

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Maryanne your 3rd picture i think is PHLOX .
amy is right about the other being bee balm .

Sandlapper: Here is the horseradish picture & it is still growing taller :)) it has been here is this spot
for about 5 yrs now & no problem with it spreading as you can see around it just weeds :( .

ANNIE : as promised here is the 1st bloom :) & I'm so proud of it :)) & try to find the best place to plant her:)

below is a link to a few of the Irises that are in bloom.
I hope it comes in .
well I have to get another ice pack so you all have a great day .


Here is a link that might be useful: my irises

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Maryanne, I was going to say Bee Balm and Phlox too. The daylily I posted is 'Regal Coronation'.


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

thanks...i wasn't sure if that was phlox. i saw it coming up at my mom's and i remember how i ripped it all out on her thinking it was a weed. she has a little piece left. i'll have to give it back since i ruined hers LOL bee balm...i sure don't remember planting it there, but that's it ~~ thanks~

theresa, pretty daylily. i have that one, or should i say i am nursing a very sickly one that doesn't look like it will survive, but i'm not giving up yet.

i woke up this morning to several blooms on my clematis - it's either the president or proteus. i'll have to take a few pictures. wasn't sure if i hurt it or not, because i moved it just about a half foot - closer to grow up the arbor (that i am so dang proud of!!!)

sue, pretty iris. mine are just beginning. lots of pictures to come.


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OK I finally have some Blooms to share with you all : ))
Right now I have The following in bloom Tall bearded Iris Crowned Heads,Twice Delightful,Play With Fire,Argus Pheasant, and Jackamani Clematis. I hope I did this so it shows the picture.I tried to make a collage so it has doubles : ))

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Hi All,
I got a few pics taken today. I am confused though. I thought I took more than I did. When Gary loaded them on to the computer, some were not there like the lilac out front. I'm an idiot, lol. I'll have to try again this weekend.
Here's a few that did load.
I wish you could all stand in my backyard and smell how heavenly it is right now. The shrub with the white flowers in the background is Viburnum carlcephalum and it has a great vanilla scent. The wisteria also smells wonderful.

This is of the Mourning Widow Geranium 'Samobor' with Forget-me-nots.

This a little farther down the border of Zebra Iris that will be blooming soon.

This along my front walk. The little blue flowers are Veronica 'Georgia Blue'.

This is part of my little shade garden under a huge old rose. The hosta coming up is 'June' which I originally received from MaryB of the Traveling Daylilies. The tiarella to the left I received from another GWer Mulchy.


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

nancy, just beautiful. i especially love the bronzed color one - is that argus? any interest in a trade, on that one or any of them really.

remy, i recognize that yard!!!! i'm loving your wisteria. mine isn't doing anything as of yet. not giving up on it, but it's not looking right. nor is my butterfly bush (see, i told you i CANNOT grow them).

here are some blooms in my gardens:



UNKNOWN - somewhere between 35 and 40 years old -- from my mother's garden



MR PRESIDENT CLEMATIS (on my new trellis/arbor)


MISS KIM LILAC bloom (the scent is intoxicating)



I WANT TO SAY HONEY GOLD...but i can't remember (it's from carol, i'll have to check with her as to the name)


DANG RABBIT...made a den right behind where it's standing...can you see her?


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I love looking at all the pictures! I feel as though I'm visiting your gardens! It frosted the other night! I had to cover everything! What a pain! It went from 33* to 80* to 40*! Some strange weather!

Your zebra iris are GORGEOUS! Also, the Mourning Widow Geranium 'Samobor' is so different! I love geraniums and have a few, but nothing with foliage like that one!

I'll post pics very soon!


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I like how you made a collage of your plants. I haven't a clue how to do that! I really love the light blue iris and that clematis. I have a weakness for blue : )

No fair! You have roses already!! and beautiful blue clematis too. I like that Gay Parasol. I have the same iris from Carol; I forget the name too, lol. The balloon flower is a geranium.

Thanks! I was lucky with the geranium. A GWer brought it for me to the local exchange a few years ago. I brought roses for her and she gave me such cool plants!

I think the unknown dwarf iris is 'Candy Apple'. The photo isn't the best, but hopefully you can see enough for comparison. (I keep forgetting how close I can get with this new camera.)

Now, I remembered I could get close with this next photo. Some one sent me a few Allium bulbs last fall in our Oct. Bulb swap. Here's one starting to open with a few Poet's Daffodils.

Have a good night everyone,

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Hi All,
Here's the $3 variegated Flowering Maple and a cool looking geranium 'Vancouver Centennial' I got at the botanic gardens sale.

Here's an iris that bloomed today. I believe it is Iris florentina aka Orris Root.

Here's my pot ghetto.

Here's wallflower and phlox. A little orange for you Sassy : )

Here's a closer pic of Candy Apple.


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Wow, can't believe how long its been since I posted here, been looking just didn't take time to post I guess. Everyone has such great pics! I just love this time of year when we can share!

Sue, love the pup! She is precious!

Theresa that daylily is gorgeous girl! Love the pooch! He looks like he's smiling!

Maryanne...love the arbor, the wall looks great too! You're a work horse, I need you to come help me in my yard! lol Purdy, Purdy, Purdy GIRL!!!! Love it when you show her off, she's just adorable! I know you have so much fun with her. McKenzie is just getting to where she's trying to 'talk' to me in that little cooing and aahing, oh how I love it! Girl I got to have me some of that Gay Parasol! WOW! All of them are gorgeous, and yes I see your pet rabbit, lol

Nancy....just gorgeous girl! All of them!

Remy, love that geranium girl! Wow, what a pot getto! You go girl! Love that Iris too! Thanks for the 'orange' lovin' it! Candy Apple is the bomb!

Here's a couple from me.......

Noble Warrior....this is the 5th bloom and its still covered...but I'm much happier with the blooms after the 1st one.

And of course, ya'll need a little bit a sugar....

Here's a few from my trip to the other house over the weekend.

Flying into the airport....(I should have posted this one before the area of the house, I took it after we left Sunday afternoon.

Tried to get a shot of the house, but you can't see it for the trees. Not sure why this one turned out so crappy looking.

This one is landing in Loris...

Hope you enjoyed!

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Hi Sassy,
Glad you had a nice trip. Your plane photos remind me of when I was a kid. My father fixed a guy's car who owned a little plane. They did a barter deal that the guy would take us for a plane ride for repair payment. It was such fun. We flew over our house and lots of other local landmarks.
Nice daylilies. I'm getting jealous of everyone's flowers being ahead of mine!
Your granddaughter looks like such a happy girl. You and Maryanne are very lucky to have such cuties.

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Thanks Remy. Was afraid no one would get to see them. We can fly up there in 1hr 45 mins vs. 4hrs of very hard driving! Truck at the airport, 10 mins to the house, can't beat it. So sorry your blooms are slow, but shouldn't be much longer. I know its so hard when you think, maybe next week, maybe tommorrow. Maryanne I know agrees with me, they're just a slice of pure heaven!!!

Oh well, more plants to plants...Had to give my back a rest!

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