what plants are easy to grow from clippings

endlessbarrelsAugust 8, 2007

Hello, my name is Pete and I live on the north shore of oahu. I am just starting to get my landscaping going and wanted to know what plants could clip and put in my garden. I know of plumeria and ti leaf , but what about tahitian gardenia???

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Potato Bush aka. Peruvian Nightshade is extremely easy to propogate from clippings ... a real confidence builder, matter of factly. Bougainvillea are also easy, but don't grow as quickly as Potato Bush. There is one patented cultivar of potato bush, but the wild species is not. There are several patented cultivars of Bougainvillea.

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I know that many plants in tropical climates are said only to require that you cut a piece and stick it in the ground and then just give it a little time, but I'd guess it depends on relative humidity for the particular area, since cuttings do need to be kept from drying out in lower humidities. In that case however, just putting some kind of clear cover might work outdoors til they've rooted, though in sunnier conditions , covered plants can get very hot and shadier conditions might work better if you use a container to root first and then plant it in more sun once rooted. Nearly all the tropicals are easy, if placed in potting mix and covered, with perhaps some rooting hormone used as well.
Gardenias , hibiscus, bouvardias , cestrums etc etc. and there's almost no limit to the ones that root fairly easily if given warmth light and high humidity til they've rooted. Sorry not to be more specific!

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