Lychee leafs problem

ziemowitAugust 17, 2013

Dear All,

it's really good to find such forum. Didn't know that there are so many people registered here ;)

I have plant 3 lychees from seed about 6 months ago. 3 months ago I've moved them to proper groundwork which is mix of sour peat, perlite and sand. Few weeks ago problems got started.

Lychee number 1: I suppose it is some kind of parasite, but somehow any other plant in my room doesn't have such problems:

Lychee number 2: doesn't have 'eaten' leafs, but still a lot of dry endings:

Lychee number 3: doesn't have ANY problem. For me looks perfect:

Funny thing is that all of them got the same substract, the same size of a pot a the same conditions as they stay at the same place - close to the window, sun comes here for 6-8h a day.

I also have one mango planted from seed. Looks good, but losts some leafs frequently. Always from the bottom part. Leafs got dry and fall down. Here comes the next one:

Whole mango looks like this:

Please advise how to help them. Thanks in advance!

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The first one looks like something is chewing on the leafs, caterpillar, leaf cutters etc...
If its inside, they must be hiding in the soil during the day
(they do that)

the brown tips, often mean a water problem, maybe it got just a bit too dry one day?

That mango leaf, looks like "scale" or white-fly
I would look VERY close underneath the leaves of all the plants, for very small bugs.

im no expert, im sure someone else can chime in with more experience than me.

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