Mango from seed :)

aesir22March 20, 2010

Deepest apologies for this being posted twice. It was originally on tropical plants forum then I realised there is a fruit one!! I don't know if the moderators can get rid of the other one? Anyway, this was the original post:

Hi all,

I had a major urge to plant a mango seed! I don't know why, I am kinda obsessed about planting stuff lol.

So I bought two mangoes, enjoyed eating them, and had the husks. I peeled the husks away to reveal the nice healthy seeds beneath. One of them had like a little growth on it, what I think may be a root forming (they both had two shoots growing out toward the shell of the husk, but they were definitely not roots. They looked like tiny straws!

So anyway, one of them has what looks to be the nub of a root forming. I am going to plant one of the seeds in potting mix, the other in the damp paper towel and baggie method. I want to put the one with the starting root into the potting mix - should the root go at the top or the bottom? I would think logically root down, but I have seen others online say to put it slightly exposed near top as that is where the shoot will emerge also...I know the top needs to be slightly exposed...any tips?

Anyway, once its growing I want to post pics on here to track its progress :)


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Hi Danny:

The easiest way to plant a mango seed is flat, laying on the top of the soil in your pot. That way you don't have to worry which way is up and which down. In nature, picture a mango rotting on the ground. The seed will eventually sprout, lying on its side with the roots automatically heading for the ground and the leaf sprout heading toward the light. No mistakes can be made this way.


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Excellent point :) thank you!

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Andrew Scott

That is exactly how I do it. I am glad to know after all this time, that I am doing it the right way. i have 6 champagne mangoes here. I am going to check them today and see if there are ripe yet,if not then they will go back in the paper bag till ripe. I plan on planting all 6. I love this fruit and have never been able to find a grafted form of this. I know that there are varieties that are close in flavor(From what I have read.). I will thin them down to the beat 2 and keep them. That will bring me up to 5 mango trees!

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Well after soaking them overnight, the greyish-brown shell around the nice white seed has mostly peeled away. Should I just get rid of it?

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

No need to soak or remove anything. Remember, a mango seedling will force its own way out of the tough seed husk in nature. That will take more time than if you remove the outer husk, but it will still happen eventually. So the removal of anything is really just a time saver. If there is something that peels off on its own, it is OK to remove it. Be careful not to cause your seed to rot from too much soaking.


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They are sorted :) Do they need to be in a sunny window to start, or can they stay in a warmer place where its quite dark until they get going? I usually germinate citrus in the airing cupboard, but not sure if mango need some light to get going?

They are both in potting mix and have a freezer bag tied around to keep humidity up. Will open bags regularly to let the air move. I placed them on top of mix then sprinkled a little over so they were partially covered.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

They'll probably grow in either a point. Always think about what these things do in the natural process. Warmth is necessary but they always would have some light.....not direct sunlight, but good shaded light as one would find under the mother tree where the fruits would fall.


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Hello man, hows it going, let me tell you that growing a mango tree from a seed is pretty easy. I have grown a tree successfully from a seed, and now am growing two mangos from peru that i bought at a grocery store.

1.Let the seed dry and cut open the husk to the real lima been shaped seed
2.Then soak the seed in water overnight
3.Get a plastic bad and wrap the seed wrap a wet paper towel around the seed
4.Make sure you get all the air out the bag and place the bag in a sunny spot(i did it below a sun lamp)
5.In a week you"ll see roots and you simply but the seed in and it'll grow from then, just make sure you give it plenty of sun

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