Help! My Tamarinds are dying...

etlertoAugust 25, 2013


Could you help me!

My Tamarind trees at home begins to wither for no reason. In a few days they die.
My Tamarinds are about 3 months and I keep them under the floral light for about 12-14 hours. I water them every two or three days depending on the dryness of the soil.
I don't know what to do.

I will very appreciate your help!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Do those pots have any drainage? Or after watering, do the roots sit in wet, soggy soil?

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I've not grown tamarindo before, but I have had some bad experiences using those biodegradable pots. I don't know what the deal is with them but I often get drooping/wilting plants for no discernible reason.

I didn't link it to the pots until one time when I had a couple of dozen seedlings with about half in plastic and half in peat or fiber pots. All the plastic plants thrived and all the peat/fiber plants wilted. All had similar moisture levels. I repotted into plastic and was able to save about a third of the wilted guys. The symptoms were similar to overwatered plants but I would have thought that the peat pots would give more air flow. Salt accumulation in the pot material? Fungal problem?

Obviously this may not be your issue, but perhaps try repotting into something else. Maybe flush the soil a few times and then not water as much. If the plants are waterlogged the additional light might not be helping.


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I'd agree with the others about too much water. Also, what climate are you in? if it's a bit cool there then wet conditions would affect them more quickly. Tamarinds like it hot and can cope with a bit of dryness.

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Thank for you help!

In the bottom of my pots was a 2-3 cm of drainage(clay shards), but the pots didn't keep water in the middle only at the bottom.

I followed your advice and repotted my tamarinds into ceramic pots. But I think that for some of them it is too late. I hope that some of them will be able to survive.

I live in humid continental climate and I'm growing my plants indoors. The average temperature is about 25 c.

Thanks again! I hope that now after repotting and advices about watering my Tamarinds will be ok.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Just my two cents on containers: Unglazed clay pots (ie. terra cotta) are the best containers for almost every kind of plant with only a few exceptions. Glazed pots and plastic pots both retain moisture. Clay pots wick moisture away. You can always water more, but it is hard to remove water from soggy soil. Clay pots, with the requisite drainage hole, are a gardener's friend. I every-so-often see clay pots that do not have a drainage hole - these do not fit the bill. The ones you want are unpainted, unglazed clay/terra cotta with a hole in the bottom.


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Let us know how it goes. I have a lot of Tamarinds but they're all in the ground. The biggest is about 10 metres tall. They're a very nice looking tree, but they scratch a lot if you try to push past the branches.

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