Growing a Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) in a Container

catbox_9March 27, 2010

Hello. While picking up some stuff at Lowes today I noticed they had Dragon Fruit plants in #2 pots. I've never seen these for sale so I went ahead and bought one. Since it's probably too cold here in the winter I will have to leave mine in a pot and put it in the greenhouse for the winter.

As for my question, what is a good size pot for this plant if I want it to be about 6 feet high? I was thinking about taking an 18 gallon tote bin and making some sort of barrier down the middle so I could eventually plant 2 varieties in the same container to improve pollination (my variety says it's self-fertile). Is this container too big, too small, or impractical in some way? Is there a better solution? Should I even bother looking or another variety (Lowes' website indicates they have others).

Finally, are there any good trellis setups I can make for whatever type of container I eventually settle on?

If it matters, my dragon fruit is H. polyhizus with red flesh (variety not named).


Sorry to have so many questions but I never even considered purchasing one of these plants until I saw it and I just couldn't say no. They're just too cool looking. Unfortunately I don't know much about this plant or how to grow it.

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stressbaby(z6 MO)

DF can grow in pots that are unbelievably small. At one time I had American Beauty growing 6 feet up the side of my GH in a quart sized container.

Here is the container I use now. My wife thinks it's ugly, it is, but I have three varieties and all have fruited for a couple of years now. 30 gallon, I think:


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i grow all my pitaya in 7 gallon containers. they become epiphytic, they rely on their air roots for nutrients.

growing them in containers i was told by Pine Island ensures they dont focus on rooting in ground instead of growing and developing air roots.

heres delight and yellow dragon in the left hand corner

some physical graffiti cuttings

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Thanks for the above info. I guess 15 gallon for 2 is too big. I'll just throw it in a small round pot and if I ever get another one do the same.

It seems like I read somewhere yesterday saying people like to put them in half-full 15 gallon pots (which would be 7.5 gallons). I might do that.

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