Bouganvilla advice, please

cereza28August 20, 2014

This was my bouganvilla last year. I bought it in a little street stall in Bristol (UK) and it seemed quite happy for a few weeks. It was pot bound, so I repotted it in the autumn and brought it indoors. It lost all its leaves and it has not really recovered this year.
What should I do now? Prune it to the base? Leave it well alone? I will bring it indoors again when the whether turns cold.

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This is my bouganvilla now...

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Turns out bourgainvillia prefers being somewhat root bound (some plants are like that). They need full, unobstructed sun and warmth to do best. If you want to help your plant, do NOT overwater it nor feed it at this point. Keep it in a sunny window and only water when dry. This plant can easily go semi deciduous or beyond and refoliate perfectly fine. Mine never flowers in the summer as I have it outside and it gets regular watering (rain, hose, etc.). I bring it to work, put it in a sunny, east window, forget to water it mostly, and it blooms all winter like clockwork. (I do realize your winters are are rather dark so maybe artificial light might be helpful during those months.) This plant thrives best in sunny, tropical, semi-arid conditions...too wet and it will only grow leaves at best.

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Thank you for this. Do you know if if prunning the top would improve the shape of the plant by encouraging side shoot growth?

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If it's not growing, pruning the top off will only make it a shorter non-growing plant. They like fairly extreme heat and fairly extreme sun. Make sure that drip tray under the pot doesn't contain any water. They're one plant that will decline with mollycoddling.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

And they are quite fussy about their roots; try not to disturb them.

I had a huge one in the San Francisco area--we didn't have hot summers, and it was in a partly-sunny area. It grew up to the roof, about 20 feet.

Then the trellis collapsed, and I had to cut it way back. It regrew nicely, until we painted the house. It regrew again, but we had a rare hard freeze and lost it all together. Poor thing.

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