Update on my Lychee blooms

bananafanMarch 9, 2013

I'm starting a new thread here to update on my 5 lychee trees.

This is my 15ft tall Sweetheart. So far, it looks the most promising. Most of the blooms are now open and there are even some tiny fruit developing. I wish many more fruit will be form, but I'm happy with what I have now if they will stay put.

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This is the 5ft tall Sweetheart. It only has a few pinnacles. I didn't expect too much from it since it's still a small plant, but I'm happy to see the few tiny fruit setting.

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Hak Ip must now be 7-8 ft tall. It started out with a fair amount of pinnacles earlier on, but the disappointing thing is after all the blooms are open, most of them dropped off. I hardly could find any fruit setting ... maybe a couple ... if I try hard enough to look for them. I don't know if this is their habit until they grow bigger.

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I'm rather disappointed with my Mauritius. There have been quite a few new flushes earlier ..., but no blooms have resulted. It's the oldest tree here--must have been about 15 ft tall too like my larger Sweetheart. It was the tree that was damaged a couple of years ago and had to start all over at a meager height of 3-4 ft. It did grow rapidly back up to its original height, but no blooms? Keeps me wondering :o

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Brewster here is about 10-12 ft tall. What I'm most puzzled about is the blooms aren't completely open yet. They have been that way for the past weeks. I have spotted web balls wrapped around some of the blooms, but fortunately not a lot. I tried to pinch off the affected parts as much as I can, although I also notice some huge ants crawling all over them. I can use some advice here if you know why. I thought maybe it needed water, so I water it thoroughly yesterday.

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