Trying to sprout Mango seed

sacristiaAugust 16, 2010

I planted a Mango seed on July 31, 2010. I have waited for it to sprout. I finally carefully dug it up to see if it sprouted at all, as I have read they sprout so quickly and mine was not. I did find it had a tap root, but still no sign of leaves even 4 days after I saw the tap root. Did I damage it, or does it take longer to sprout in dirt.

I have two other mango seeds that I would like to sprout if I can. I noticed one of them had some type of root already coming out of the seed. I placed it in a shallow dish of water, hoping that they would sprout and grow.

I have read they are so easy to sprout and grow, but I haven't had any luck yet. Am I just being impatient, or does it take as long as an avocado pit does to sprout?

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Did you take the seed out of the covering? You need to remove the outer 'shell' to expose the seed, then plant it. If it has a tap root, it's already trying to shed the shell, so go ahead and pry it off. If you break the tap root, it will not grow.

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Mine takes about 2 weeks before I seen a shoot. I think a little more time was needed. Digging to check for sprouting is a bad idea because you can easily damage sprouting roots without realizing.

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Your impatience with digging it up prematurely probably has ruined your first seedling(but leave it in and see if it comes up). The mango seed will send out a tap root headed down first and then it sends up the sprout that breaks the surface. Here in Florida the quickest I've seen the sprout break surface is 8 days, but I've had others take a whole month. Best way is to plant the dang thing, leave it alone and let nature do her work. Make sure you open the hard shell carefully (like opening a clam) then plant the seed flat in good potting soil like Miracle Grow Potting Soil in a one gallon container to start. Keep the soil damp, not wet. In the Fl. hot weather here they usually sprout within 2 to 3 weeks.

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