jacaranda winter care?

mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))August 25, 2014


so temperatures and not always below 20C so I brought it in. as it's a temperate tree.

so my jacaranda is about 10 months old, and approximately a foot high, I am aware it's a semi-evergreen, but am unsure how it will lose its leaves of they do drop.

so is it the single tiny leaf that will fall or thw whole (frond like) leaf that will drop to a single stem!

it will now stay indoors till next may.

other than pinching the top. how do I encourage branching?
(I'm also aware it's unlikely to flower indoors in the UK! ha!)

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

mine's planted outdoors (I'm in Hawaii), and has grown to about 4 feet tall in 4 years. Sadly, we're at 1500 foot elevation on the wet side of the island, and it will probably never bloom.

Kinda makes me think your chances of bloom are even worse.

I don't think mine drops its leaves (it's in an out-of-the-way spot so I don't notice it much), but I think the entire frond is a single leaf, and will drop all at once if it's going to go.

Good luck!

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