Dragon fruit branch rotting, why?

newgen(9 Central California)August 21, 2010

Occasionally I have some branches yellowing and even get mushy. I'm not sure if it started out as sunburn, then proceeded to rot, or was it overwatering? I'm thinking that if it was due to too much watering, much more of the plants would be rotting and not just a couple branches.

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We have some of this happening to ours right now, but we are in the 'rainy season' which has been wetter than usual.
Its possible, if a particular 'branch' is collecting/holding rain, then it may burn when the sun is high.

Here is a link that might be useful: Interesting site about Dragon fruit

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do you add calcium to your soil? like lime or gypsum?

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newgen(9 Central California)

I did gypsum, but it was over 6 months ago. Update: as of today, no new branches are rotting, I removed those rotted ones in the photos. Now I have 4 flower buds growing, I'm so excited!

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