Yucca Pups and Cloning?

bearstate(9A)August 18, 2007

Take a look at this Yucca Tree ...

Do you see the little buds from the base upwards?

How would I go about cloning a new Yucca tree from one of those buds?

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The same way as you would do any cutting. I have never done it with Yucca, but Pineapple shows the same growing behaviour. The way we do with pineapple, just take a sharp knife and cut of one of those "clones" at the bottom of the plant, make sure there is some "wood" (a bit of the mother stem) on the bottom of it and just put it in some kind of rooting medium. Some people use sand (because its sterile) others just use potting soil. Keep it moist, not damp and if you want it to root sooner, you can apply some rooting hormone/powder to the end, before putting it in the soil. Members of the Yucca family seem to be very easy to root and grow.
Good luck.

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Yucca is one of the easiest plants to root. I have never taken any of the wood off...just a clean cut of the shoot.
They don't really seem to care about planting medium. They are no fuss growers.

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I have replanted 5ft cuttings before with great success. I just chopped it off and stuck it in the ground. If you were worried you could cut say 8 vertical strips about 5 inches to the base of the cutting, dip it in root hormone or honey and put it in the ground. Like I said I didn't bother doing that and I didn't have a problem


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