New to container Mangos..

pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)March 18, 2011

Well I ran out of space in my yard for trees in the ground.. So I have begun to plant in containers..

So far I have a Fairchild Mango and a Nam Doc Mai both in containers, and a Cogshall in the ground.. I was thinking of maybe looking for a Pickering, because I like the Coconut undertone. Any suggestions.. I live in Palm Beach County near WPB Airport, so I have no worries as to temps..

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You have a great selection there. Currently, I only have a Julie and a Manila seedling. I want to add either a Nam Doc Ma or Mallika myself.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I have a Glenn and Pickering in containers...although I know Glenn can get large...but you can always "pug" the trees to keep them in check.

I've had mixed feeling about Mallika since I've read several reviews of the taste having "carrot undertones" and picking them before they ripen on the tree...I'm not sure I would like carrot flavor in my Mangoes,lol...but taste is very subjective so plant the ones that you like the taste of! Good luck with whatever you decide to plant.

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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

Thanks! How big of a pot does a "container" Mango require as a "permanent" home?

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Personally, I would go with a 15gal to 30gal container. Anything bigger, it can become quite a hassle to root prune. A good idea is to get 30 gal plastic drum, cut the top off and mount some wheels on the bottom.

My supply of big containers now comes from used and washed out 30 gal plastic drums from the carwash (they use biodegradable soap). This saves me a good deal of money, I also spray paint them grey or black.

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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

How often do you root prune nullzero?

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I try to do it once a year. If I miss it, I make it a point to get it done within 2 years.

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