Fruit Bearing Trees in Partial Shade?

piriAugust 5, 2008

Hello all!

I just registered here yesterday so I'm new here.

I have a great desire for fruit bearing tropical trees but I have several things working against me. Let me list them and maybe some of you can make suggestions.

I live in a condo and I don't own the ground off my back porch, so all of my trees need to be in containers. I've been reading about caring for container trees and I'm prepared for the dedication they require. This might be an advantage because I could bring them inside for the few frosty nights we get here in Central Florida.

I only have access to land up to about 10' from my back door. My "yard" faces East and the neighboring property has trees lining the edge. As a result I get limited sun. It's filtered in the morning, about two-three hours of direct light when the sun is high, and complete shade in the afternoon when the sun is on the other side of the building.

Do I have any hope of having fruit on my trees some day? I'm especially interested in Mango, Banana, Avocado, Orange, Star Fruit, and Fig. If anyone has suggestions for what kind of fruit tree might do well in my conditions I'm totally open to suggestion! I'm just trying to get my feet wet and have fun doing it.



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Welcome to the Forum!color>

I think you would enjoy growing all the ones you have mentioned plus many more in your climate zone. I do think you have ideal growing conditions and the little extra effort of container growing is really well worth the fun of growing.

I don't grow Orange, Banana and Fig but have seen and read success stories. My mango which I started from seed have not yet produced any fruit but the year is still quite young. I did have Lime, lemon and Guava abundantly bear fruits. I just also recently started Rambutan from seed which are now sending out shoots. I am quite happy about that.

Others you may try are Lychee, Rose Apple and Longan which I understand do well in your humidity.

You could also try posting these in your home state Forum. You would have better answers from someone in similar climate and situation.

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You might have a chance with some container trees. Have you looked into dwarf container fruit trees? Most fruit you named has a dwarf variety.
Mango needs full sun for optimum growth and fruiting, but you MAY be able to grow it. If you don't let the temp drop below 40 degrees, the mango should be fine, and could even be grown as a houseplant. It's possible that when it's older you may get fruit. If you want fruit without a lot of waiting, grow a "hawaiian mango" , the ones that are shaped similar to a bean, not the traditional mango. Hawaiian takes 5 years to maturity, instead of 15.

Bananas like 12 hour full sun for good growth. I wouldn't recommend them for your amount of sunlight. You could however grow it as a pretty houseplant and hope it flowers.

Avocado... Maybe you COULD grow it with your light. My avocado gives off tons of avos without much light at all.

I'm sure you could grow a great orange tree in your situation. Once again, look for a container variety.

Carambola (star fruit) like full sun, but you just might be able to grow one in your situation. Remember to prune it, they get big.

Fig might just grow, but once again, they like full sun. You could try it.

All I'm saying is that while a lot of these might not do as well as they could, they're all worth a try. I'm sure they would do well, and they'd be a lot of fun. Go ahead and try what feels right, I think you'll do just fine.

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Thanks both of you! I'm diving into the nursery tomorrow!

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What are you getting/did you get?

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I went to a famous Nursery here and bought a 3' Carrie Mango. They had about 12 varieties. If I have success with the Carrie I'll go back and get a Nam Doc Mai. I wanted to get more there but I didn't like their prices.
Then I went to Lowes where I has heard they had a cheap Bhudda's Hand. No luck there but I got a 1gal pot with both a Meyer Lemon and a Key Lime in bloom. I'm going to pick the green fruits off this year and see what they look like next year.
This is just the beginning! Yay!

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Good for you! Carrie is a great mango variety, especially for your conditions. 3' tall is a great start, I hope you're getting mangoes soon!
I love Bhudda's Hand, but I too can't find a single one. I'm glad you got a meyer lemon and a key lime. Meyer is a fantastic container lemon and key limes are just fantastic.
Keep us posted. Good luck.

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