Michelia 'Champaca'

bigbubbacain(z9a TX)August 28, 2005

I recently acquired a Michelia 'Champaca' tree. I am told it is related to the Magnolia. Can anyone advise me on fertilizer requirements / growing conditions to plant this tree?


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Well, needs a lot of drainage, because it root rots easy. Needs probably near full sun where you are, and doesn't like frosts. But, I found that as long as you give it good drainage, it likes decent watering. And the smell is just lovely! :o)

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bigbubbacain(z9a TX)

Thanks Heathen1 for your reply.
What about fertilizer? When does it bloom? Also, I've noticed 2 very different looking buds on the tree. Are some of these leaf buds and some flower buds?

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I`d give it some afternoon shade if you are in a place that gets hot and dry in the summer.

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I don't believe Michelia champaca is hardy in zone 8 at all! They can be protected outdoors in zone 9b, but usually they survive successfully in zone 10 or higher.

They like rich soil for sure, I'd recommend you put it in a patio container and bring into a sheltered locale over winters there. Use a good SLOW RELEASE fetilizer with trace minerals. Do they sell any cycad or palm fertilizers there?

Here in so. Florida it flowers off and on year round, with heaviest flushes in april or May and fairly good blooming here in the warm months.

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hi,i need knowldge for micheli champaka. i am in ny. how much water, which soil and which weather will be ok. how much sun need?

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My champaca is a seedling but it's in full Florida sun and seems to love it. My Alba has been flowering almost continuously since I got it in the spring. Also in full (and very hot) sun, high humidity in a container. I water only when dry and fertilized it once with orchid bloom booster. Both these trees are spectacular! My neighbor has a champaca in the ground and I can't believe how quickly it is growing.

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I have a Magnolia champaca that is 2 years old. It is a strong tree that is about 14 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

I am in South Florida and the tree has a south west exposure with a fair amount of direct sun for about 5 hours per day.

It has not yet flowered.

Any tips on getting the Magnolia champaca to flower?

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Please help. I got a Michelia Champaca through the mail in July and it was about 12 inches tall. I put in in my South Florida screened patio in a mixture of potting soil and orchid mix. The tree was just busy making leaves but now these leaves are turning BLACK at an alarming rate. I am considering changing the soil completely. Any ideas? I am afraid to lose my little tree! Thank You in advance

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Can't understand why they'd turn black all of a sudden after 3 months of growing and producing new leaves. Something must have happened recently to the plant. Do you have photos?

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linda_leaf z10fla(10A Florida)

I have two thoughts. First, be sure you are not over-watering. Plants do not require the same amount of water during the cooler months as they do during the warmer months.
The second thought is that we had a couple of sudden cold mornings. Tropical plants and young tropical trees can adjust to gradual cool downs, but do react to sudden cold temperatures. Leaves are the first thing to be affected. Keep your little tree warm during this first winter and it should be fine.

Linda Leaf

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Thank You for your replies. I have not figured out how to upload more than 1 photo so here's one. This tree was happy under my SE Florida screened patio until I decided to bring it in because of too many whiteflies that were laying their cotton like cocoon mixture on the base of the leaf buds and leaves. Linda: it was iniside during our little "cold front" a few weeks ago. Everything was good until recently. It is back outside now. Looking forward reading you soon! Nathalie

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