For Trade: grafted jackfruit and sugar apple

dnt72800March 28, 2011


Wondering if anyone interested in my grafted jack and sugar apple. They both came from mimosa in la. Bought them(about week ago) without knowing much since i'm fairly new to the hobby. Would like to trade for a mango plant or??? before they end up The sugar apple is not looking good but Mr. G of Mimosa told me they are like that at this time of year. Jack is looking great so far.



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Why don't you try reviving the two that you have, I mean you will probably want that Jack and Sugar once the hobby really sets in anyway... lol
What're your plant interests?


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I thought about it....but i don't think i have/gain patient/skill to get them to fruit here after reading all the threads.
So far i killed 2 wax jambu, 1 guava, 1 nam doc mai mango, 1 persimmon, and at the moment half dead longan, lychee, wax jambu(new). Very disappinting.
I'm interested in any asian type mango/fruit tree, whatever's out there.

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quebolausa(FL 10)

Why not figure out what your doing wrong?

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I have a good friend that would be interested in a trade. Is there an email or number he can reach you at? He lives in Los Angeles area.

BTW, on the plant front. Don't give up yet, it can be discouraging at first... I suggest to start off with easy to grow low maintenance plants like Prickly Pear or Pomegranate (if you are solely looking for edible plants). Then you can work your way up to the more demanding plants.

I have been doing this for close to 4 years. I still loose the occasional plant.

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The cold winter and my wet soil/over water was the cause. Mr. G from mimosa advice me to take it easy on the hose. We talked for hours regarding my problems. Very nice guy.
As for the jack and sugar apple, i don't think they will ever fruit under my care.
hank you for your advice. you/friend can reach me at 310 951 1022. I'm in Torrance.

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Sometimes the information can seem like a bit overwhelming, but keep at it and keep it simple or you will probably give up or get tired and do something else, lol.

As nullzero said, try something that is not so high-maintenance at first so you gain confidence, or try to grow from seeds... those seem to be more hardy...

Seems like you have the kind of zone that would really give you fruit which is a big help, but you should try to figure out whether it's a humidity issue or a soil issue or something and work on that.


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Thanks, he probably will contact you soon. You are near my area, I living in hermosa. My main container garden is down in Mission Viejo though. Torrance, has a great growing climate for just about anything.

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If sugar apple would survive in my area I would trade with you in heart beat. Where I live some night it goes down under 30 degree and get couple frost each winter. I also once killed mango num doc mai from water too much and transplant a little to early (fall). I talked to a guy who know a lot of tropical fruit and he recommended me cherimoya instead which I bought from him.

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I agree with going with the Cherimoya, instead of growing Sugar Apple. Sugar Apple does not like it colder then 40 degrees. The Cherimoya, however is cold hardy down to the upper 20s.

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Thank You Guys...
I traded my jack for a selma cherimoya. Now i have one Dr. white, 1 selma, and two atemoyas.
May i ask why mimosa would recommend atemoya over cherimoya?. Something like smaller habit, easier to fruit, and better tasting etc..??
Thanks Nullzero...Your friend is really nice.

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