Some Spring photos

rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)March 16, 2011

Some pictures of my yard from the last few weeks.

The pitomba. Actually had quite a few flowers but none seem to have become fruit. I will keep checking.

CORG finally flowering and fruiting. I had it in the wrong spot, so dug it up and transplanted to current happy location. A few fruits! Thanks Murahilin.

Rose apple. Tastes like rose water soaked sponge. More of a conversation fruit.

Mangosteen tree. Looking good. New flush of leaves. I will put bloom booster fertilizer on it now with hope.

Caimitos just coming ripe.


Soursop (guanabana) from the seedling tree.

Garcinia intermedia on left, Garcinia brasiliensis (or G. laterifolia or bakupari) on right. The bakupari leaves are more droopy when they 1st come out.

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Love your photos, that mangosteen's such a nice sapling tree it will be exiting when you get fruits... how old is it?

Agreed on the rose apple it's a little bit like eating a jicama with less sweetness to me.

Caimito and Soursop yummy!


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Wow, beautiful trees you have there! I really love your huge mangosteen tree. Please keep us updated on that beauty. I really hope you get fruit from it soon. You are so lucky with your tropical weather there:)

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Wow Gwenn, your trees are looking so healthy and the landscaping and view is incredible! Congrats on the COTRG blooms, it is good to know they can be transplanted with success. I moved mine this past winter and am waiting for a growth spurt.


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Hey Gwenn,

What a Beautiful collection. You have definitely a knack for this. I would absolutely love any of the Fruit trees you are growing. Plus your property is georgous. Has your Pitomba previously fruited? If so, what do you think of the fruit? Sweet, tasty, delicious? Congrats on such awesome fruit trees. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Always refreshing to see pics of your place Gwenn. Everything looking good...except for the soursop...I'm sure they would do well as compost!!!

Mangosteen looking really good. You should have planted another six...or ten! Good job.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Thanks everyone for the nice words. I am still learning everyday (from this group and elsewhere), so it is a work in process.

Tropicaliste- the mangosteen was a 3 ft tall plant when I got it in 2007. I need to cut down/trim some of the trees around it to give it more sunlight.

Red Sea me- I was a little nervous transplanting it because it was pretty large (over 6 ft tall). I ended up cutting many roots. I put it in a large pot, severely cut it back and waited. It recovered very well and rather quickly. I bet yours will be fine and show new growth soon.

Jacob- 1st time for the pitomba and CORG. Pitomba is still flowering, so I am hoping at least 1 or 2 will pollinate.

Jay- how did you describe the taste of soursop again- dirty socks?
If I can find more mangosteens I would plant more. I am going to Montoso's next month, so maybe someone out that way will have some seedlings. If not, we will go out again during fruiting season and pick some up.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)


Nice pictures! How old is your pitomba? That will give me an idea how long I have to wait for mine to bloom/fruit.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Looks like things are growing well. The mangosteen is especially nice looking. With your growing conditions, I have to agree with Jay......get more of those mangosteen seedlings in the ground a.s.a.p. There are so many things that can go wrong with these things. There is safety in numbers....sometimes. Thanks for posting the pictures.


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Tomas- I got the pitomba in 2008 as a 1.5ft tall seedling. It has grown well, though doesn't seem to like to be too dry.

Harry- I always am on the look out for more.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Gerry gave the best description of the fruit I've ever heard. "Dirty feet and vomit". I couldn't agree more with his statement. But that's just us.

Bryan at Montoso should have some seedlings. Juan Miranda might also. Sadhu?? They are all relatively close to each other. Juan had some interesting stuff. If you happen to visit Juan, smack him around a bit and tell him to answer emails!

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murahilin(10 fl)

Your trees are looking great.
Do you have any pulasan trees?

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That mangosteen has grown a ton since you last posted pics. I need to move to PR.

Jay, another 30 years or so and your mangosteen should be that big.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...your property is gorgeous and what a nice collection of fruit trees. Soursop sounds pretty bad...guess I can cross that off my list of fruits to try...dirty socks doesn't sound too appealing,lol...

Great pictures!

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Well congrats to you Gwenn - the ONLY one here at this forum NOT pushing their zone!

...and it shows....

(I've never had a mangosteen but I love mangos - no relation i've heard.... )


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Dude, you are blowing all of us out of the water! My mangos look like twigs compare to your stuff, I'm not going to post a pic again LOL

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Pugluvr1 ya gotta try Soursop at the very least once, I love it fresh and the canned juice... I think it's more akin to daiquiri sorbet when chilled or lime-esque in it's tartness. gym socks... lol

p.s. it's under study for it's anti-carcinogenic properties, and a tea made from the leaves is said to reduce goiters.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Yeah, I am with Tropicaliste, the flavor of the soursop I have had has no resemblence to gym socks or vomit....least none that I ever encountered. Jay and Gerry must have had some spoiled fruit. The flavor of the juice/pulp is actually quite tasty and refreshing. It is the texture of the flesh and the seediness that I have an issue with. That's why the seedless and fiberless varieties have held interest for me.


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Ahhh Harry...Don't you recall everyone turning away the soursop at dinner that night with Ian in PR???

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Murahilin- I got 5 pulasan last summer. 4 are doing ok, 1 not so much. I am hoping for them to perk up this year.

JSvand- living here does make tropical gardening easier!

Pug- you should try soursop. I agree with Harry- I am more put off but the fiber/texture. But my husband likes the fruit a lot. Most people like the canned juice, but I don't think it tastes anything like the fruit!

Mangodog and Jfernandez- thanks, but while my mango trees also look good, I rarely get fruit. Too wet where I live.

Believe me, I envy much of what I see in everyone else's pictures! Mangos draping from trees, bunches of lychees, dragonfruit cactus loaded with beautiful fruits. We all want what we can't have, so that is why we keep trying.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Now that you mention it, yes I do remember that. But again, I don't care for the texture and seeds.....I just wasn't in the mood to fight it. What did it taste like? I want to say it was not bad tasting....just not very much of a flavor at all. Some can be insipid....and with a cottony texture or tons of seeds its really a very unappealing fruit. But there are many that do have a nice flavor...I promise.


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How did the Rambutan that you grafted end up doing?

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

About the rambutan-I did a stupid thing...a friend suggested I cut more to the cut end off the graft. So I did, but while doing that, I broke the graft. The seedling part is throwing new leaves/branches, the grafted part isn't. I still have hope, but it is fading fast for that graft.

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Andrew Scott

I have to agree with Harry and Gwenn. I loved the Guanabana in Puerto Rico and I doubt I ate fruit from a grafted tree. The fruit that I ate had excellent flavor and from what I remember it had the same amount of seeds as a good cherimoya. I do remember it being firmer but the texture wasn't un appealing too me.

I think it's too bad that Jay is basing his opinion on bad esperiences with the fruit, no offense Jay!

I am dissapointed that none of my seeds have germinated but I am VERY tempted to just buy a grafted tree instead. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. With this hobby and growing up north it is that much harder.


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Andrew it is a delicious fruit to me, and the texture is a little more agreeable because it isn't as custardy which is a nice change up from the other anons. I'd suggest you go grafted as well, because although I had a few germinate only one survived because they send out the root first but since the seed coat is so hard it would not open enough to let the cotyledons out and when I went to release it I pinched off the entire cotyledons on them except the one.


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I like soursop enough to buy a tree :)

Anybody know which FL nursery uses this label?

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That's a Zill's label. They only sell seedlings.


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