Free Seeds: Tecoma stans

clyntho_2(z9FL)August 10, 2005

Also known as yellow elder. Blooms profusely. Warning: says it can be invasive.

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I'd be up for a few seeds. I've been trying to germinate some that a friend gave to me for the past few years, but no luck. I'm beginning to believe that they weren't viable. Any special needs/techniques for germinating Tecoma stans?



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Mike - I got seeds from a friend and they seem to be growing well. I'm in Austin, TX, and here's what I did:

Used the 4" pots, washed in bleach-water solution
Cut up newspaper pieces and put them in the bottom
Fill with soil
Put 3 seeds in each
Put each 4" pot in a plastic container (the big clear ones - those that are used to store summer/winter clothes).
Fill the plastic container with water so that the whole bottom is filled. The water height I keep it at is up to the 1/2-way mark of the holes in the bottom of the 4" pots.
The newspaper will soak up the water, keep the dirt & seeds wet w/o drowning the seeds, and you won't have to water the seeds overhead (which can often push the seeds further into the dirt and/or displace them).
I re-full the water every 3 days or so - I wait for the bottom to be dry 1 day and then re-fill to the original level.
I have it in dappled shade, with the sun pieces being only in the morning.

Almost all of the pots (15 total) have all three seeds coming up. They are all almost to the point where they have their 2nd set of real leaves - I will separate them into their own pots at that point.

Good luck!

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If you have any of the seeds left I would love to have some. I realize I am late .

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Don't know if you're still out there Clyntho, but I just wanted to thank you again for the Tecoma stans seeds that you sent a little over two years ago. I've now got 4 plants that are blooming profusely (this is the summer that they really took off). Here's a pic of just one of the many blooming spikes...


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hey huachuma i was wondering if you had any of those seeds that i coud have

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I'm not certain that I have any left, but I'll check. My personal experience has been that Tecoma seeds don't store well and fresh seeds may be needed for success. They are very thin and papery and I don't think that the ones I got from clyntho would still be viable. However, I am hoping that I will get some new pods from this year's flowers. If that's the case I'd be happy to share.

I'll let you know about the two year old seeds within the next couple of days...


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ok thank you

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I finally rummaged thru my seed collection. I found the packet for the Tecoma stans, but there were no seeds left in it; I believe that I planted them all when I first received them knowing that they didn't store well for me in the past.

I can't tell for sure yet, but there may be some fruit forming on the plants. There is noticeable swelling of some of the pistils now that many of the flowers have fallen off and I'm hoping that this is an indication of pods yet to form...

I'll keep you in mind if they form seed,


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ok thank you

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