Santol outdoors in California?

stanofhMarch 6, 2013

I've found it to be a tough houseplant. I have posted about Santol before..but I never asked if anybody in California has tried it outdoors? Most likely L.A. or San Diego z24 would of course be best case. But if anybody anywhere in California has tried it, tell me.

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Do you have any seeds we can trade? I live in Southern California, OC.

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Oh no,mine was bought from a Hawaiian nursery on EBAY. It was a gift. It grew fast indoors. Its close to 6' and half as wide. It does need constant water or will drop leaves....something its adapted to. I have had that happen a couple of times...and weeks or months later fresh growth sprouted all over it.
I've had it too long to risk it outdoors unless somebody else can tell me they have one outside! (In California)

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I live in Cape Coral, Florida and have what I think is the largest fruiting santol in our area. It is about 20 years old from seed and planted on the SE corner of my two story house (plenty of winter wind and cold protection). It is about 20 feet tall and had about 100 fruit this season. It is usually a poor pollinator, but I have it planted next to a cuban sabal palm that just happened to flower at the same time and provided more than the usual amount of bees. They are great to eat with miracle fruit. The seeds easily germinate in my aquaponic gravel beds that I usual grown winter vegetables and germinate allspice, suriname cherries, basil, and cinnamon seeds.

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That looks great...very dark green. Mine I tried to overwinter outdoors..and it couldn't take cool or cold nights in the low 40's. I brought it back in,and its thriving as a large potted indoor plant.
Its not a tropical to like cool nights. Even summers here.

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