Something's wrong with my Carambola and Atemoya

checko12March 17, 2011

Over the course of 2 to 3 months my Carambola and Atemoya trees seem to be giving up on me. The Carambola's leaves are starting to turn yellow, are dropping and all in all looks wilted. The Atemoya's leave are just now dropping and are really yellowish. I just today fertilized it with Alaskan Fish Fertilizer. Can someone help me try to understand what's going on and how I can make it better? Many Thanks!!



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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Without knowing more about your soil, your watering, your prior fertilizing and amount of lighting these plants receive it is impossiblt to make this diagnosis from the pictures provided. At least I can't do it....maybe someone else can.


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The atemoya looks fine. It appears to be dumping its old leaves in preparation for spring leaf-out. I think I can make out some new leaves just starting to bud out towards the top of the central leader.

The carambola looks like it might be lacking a tad bit of water or is suffering from wind desiccation. Otherwise, the fact that it's dumping leaves right now wouldn't concern me too much, as it's a normal thing this time of year.


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Hey checko12,

Not to sure what is going on with your Carambola, but your Atemoya looks just fine. They tend to dump their leaves this time of year and follow it with a nice strong growth flush on the rebound. It looks pretty normal to me. Nice pics and thanks for sharing.


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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

Hi checko12,

Your carambola with those yellow leaves, looks just like my carambola trees (still in pots) when they don't get enough water. Also, I have noticed that my carambola trees don't like tap water at all, so I try to use rain water as much as possible.


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I think ur carambola is screaming for mulch to add some organic matter to that soil and keep it more humid.If i were u i will ad some compost or black kow manure before the mulch and then a deep watering every week at least until ur tree get older.Carambolas when the soil is no rich in organic matter like a regular fertilizer program ,like every 2 months or so.

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Thanks alot guys! I did notice with the Atemoya that it's leaves were starting to bud out. We got some rain here in Southern Cal so I think my Carambola's good for now. We'll see how the weather turns out. I'll keep you all updated real soon.

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