Voodoo Lily needs help

senjanevada(9)August 12, 2013

My voodoo lily seem to stop growing. The leaves edges turned to yellowish and brownish.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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They will die back at the end of summer., depending on how soon the cold arrives. Yours might be getting ready to turn in for the winter. When they do go dormant it's important to keep them pretty dry.

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Thanks. So, I don't need to worry.

This is my first time growing Voodoo lily. In fact, one more bulb still in the water to roots.

I am in High-desert, pretty much dry here.

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Do you have them sitting in water? That wouldn't be a good idea. They are more drought tolerant than they are flood tolerant. Keep the potting mix moist but not wet otherwise you'll end up rotting the tuber. If your season is still warm enough for growing then that yellow/brown could be from too much water. When the weather does get colder then yes, you can expect the foliage to dry off like that. Once the plant does die off keep the tuber dry until it starts to shoot next season. People usually take the tubers out of the soil and put them in a cool (not cold) dry cupboard or on a shelf.

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I root them in the bowl of water before transfer them in the pot. The pots are dry. We are here in the High Desert, no rain at all this year (yet)

I have one more tube that did not show any growth. I took it from the pot and put it back in bowl of water. It grows bunch of roots in few days, and ready to transfer back to the pot.

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