Kesar Mango

mangobabyMarch 22, 2010

Have you guys heard of Kesar Mango from India. I would really like to get this mango tree if possible. Does anyone know a place in US that sells Kesar Mango tree?

Article about this mango from Fairchild Garden


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Indian mangos dont do so well here (S. Florida) with our rainy seasons and anthracnose fungus, what varieties are you growing in Texas?

Alphonso are grown here, i have a one year old tree. Harry has one thats flowering, its a few years old but it has never bear fruit.

the only other Indian mangos i know that are grown down here are Neelum, Mallika (have one), Pairi/Bombay, Alampur Baneshan (have one) and Imam Passand.

Im not sure how the last two are as far as productivity, Im still hoping Harry has an Alphonso harvest this year because its a beautiful big leafed tree.

I dont think you will find someone growing Kesar in the States, maybe an Aussie. Benganpali (also called Benishan but NOT Alampur Baneshan which is green) is another South Indian variety like Kesar and Alphonso. i would like to see if it is suitable here.

Baneshan / Banganpalli Mango

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I am growing Alphonse, Lancetilla, Mallika and Namdocmai. I am sure I will be adding several more mango trees in next couple of years. I planted all these trees last year. Currently Alphonse, Mallika and Namdocmai are blooming. I lost most of lancetilla in the freeze (I accidently unplugged the 90w light bulb!!). Hopefully I will get to try some fruits.

Is your alphonse blooming?

Alphonse tree

Alphonse Bloom



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I ordered some Kesar Mangoes last year and they were excellent. They look like those Manilla/Phillipine/Ataulfo type kidney shaped mangoes but they taste very different. The ones I got were very tasty with some acidity and also very sweet. I can only describe the taste as different from the Manilla and the Kent type mangoes.

You can actually order Alphonso and Kesar mangoes from this website

I have not tasted the Alphonso mangoes yet. I just missed the season last year and thats why I got the Kesar instead of the Alphonso. Alphonso's are known as the king of Mangoes in India and Kesar is supposed to be the Queen. If the Kesar was that good, I can't wait to try the Alphonsos. Let us know how you like it if you decide to order!

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I've got kesar mango trees for sale if you're still looking for them, but can't ship to TX. If you are out this way, let me know.

This is relatively new here in the US. Dr Campbell imported a tree a couple years back. He sounded pretty impressed with it.


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Jeff - what is the growth habit ? have you tasted a Florida grown Kesar, if so, comments ? Any idea if it will actuall fruit and be productive here ? Can you email me pictures of the tree(s) you have available ? I may be interested.


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ah man, this is incredibly unfair! haha j/k.
My Indian co-workers rave about Kesar, Langra & Dussehri mangos from back home. Most of the crops exported, whatever's left at local markets are priced very high.


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No idea at all as far as fruit taste nor growing habit. I went to a lecture given by Dr Cambpell about a year ago where he spoke about his various mango adventures, and he commented about the Kesar mango tree that he brought back from India. He seemed to indicate that it had potential to be a good SoFL mango. Other than that, it's an unknown. I only have a few. They are in 3gal, maybe 4 1/2 feet tall.


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Jeff - just sent you an email

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I also have a few of the langras... but they're 7gal sized and like 7 feet tall, so they're not really shippable :-).


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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Mangobaby... Is your first picture labeled correctly?? The 1st picture you have labeled Alphonse Tree looks so much like the growth habit of a Lancetilla but I have never seen an Alphonse to compare it to.

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I would think that KESAR MANGOS do we'll in FLORIDA because India also has a rainy summer season(monsoon). The climate of Florida is like north India(new Delhi area) to me because over there it never gets below 15 Celsius or 59 degrees fahrenheit. The winter season only last for 2 months in north India usually with a lot of fog.Winters get less extreme in India as you go south as the same with Florida.

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Jeff - sent you an email

Marinfla - the first picture is labeled correctly, it is Alphonse tree. I had a Lancetilla and the two trees did look different. I am hoping I can get some fruits in alphonse mango next summer. Last night we had temps of 27.4 degrees for over 5 hrs and the mango trees are happy under the lights and frost cloth.

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Jeff- sent you an email also.

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Vipul Patel

Hi Jeff what is your email address, I have couple of questions for you...

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